Problem with Respite Worker

Tomorrow LB’s respite girl is coming.  I’ve cancelled her these past few
weeks, but this week she is coming again.
I tried to change my hours, I tried to get a person to come in on weekdays
instead.  But the company says that they can’t give me that.
They offer services up until 6pm but they can’t give me anyone for 5pm.  So
I’m stuck with respite girl, for now.

But I’m thinking of calling my case manager and telling her that they aren’t
allowing me to change my hours.
Normally Respite girl comes late, she’s supposed to be here for 10:30am and be
here until  4:30pm.  6 hours!
But respite girl doesn’t usually come until 11:30 or even noon.  There have
even been times that she’s come after 1:00.
Then, after coming late she always wants to leave early.  She wants to take
time off to eat, stuff like that.
While she’s here she wants to sit and tell me about her boyfriend, she wants to
tell me about the latest drama with her Ex.  She tells me how Child
Services has been called on her (unfounded she claims).
When giving LB a bath I’ve caught her in the hall, not with him.  Even when
she is in the room with him she stands over him because LB loves to kick. The
company issues their workers aprons to wear while giving clients baths.
Respite girl doesn’t want to wear one.  So, she doesn’t want to get wet so
she stands over him.
This is very dangerous for LB, it would be like taking a baby that’s a few
months old and lying it down in the bottom of the tub then standing over it as
it kicked and played in the tub.  You wouldn’t do that because the baby
could flip over and swallow a mouthful of bath water, perhaps choking and
filling it’s lungs with the water.  That’s how LB is.
The last time she was here I was in the kitchen doing dishes and she was looking
after LB.  She came into the kitchen to talk to me, leaving LB crying in
his chair.  Hubby freaked out.  She is getting paid to come here and
look after him, not to try and be a friend to me.  I don’t need her as a
friend.  She isn’t the kind of person I’d want to be friends with.
Nothing against her, she’s nice enough and all.  It’s just that she isn’t
someone that I can see myself bonding with.

I’ve been nice to her up until now, but it isn’t doing me any good.  I
end up having to take care of LB when she’s here anyway.  So what’s the
point.  I’m not getting a damn break and she’s getting paid for 6 hours
when she’s only working 3 or 4.  Not anymore!!  She’s ripping me off
on my hours and I’m fed up with it.
I’ve played nice so far, asking her nicely to come on time, etc.  But as of
tomorrow she’s getting a verbal warning on how I’m going to be operating from
now on.  If she’s late I’m documenting and reporting it so she can’t get
paid for it.  No more leaving early.  And I’m going to report her when
she requests it.
As of tomorrow I’m keeping a written copy of her hours, what she does and any
other comments I may have.  And I will be forwarding this to Respite girls
supervisor as well as my case manager.  I’m going to be calling the
Supervisor tomorrow to inform her of this.
Lets see if suddenly I get the hours I want now.

So far I’ve played nice, but I’m getting ripped off.  I’m calling my
case manager tomorrow and telling her that I wanted 5pm, after school and that I
was told I can’t have it.  Perhaps she can hook me up with a different

I’m just fed up!


About katastrophes1

Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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