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Why Can’t I Just Take a Pic

It never fails, just when I vow to start carrying my camera with me everywhere I go now, because I just figured out how to upload pictures from that camera. It breaks. I went to take a picture at Ceilidh’s … Continue reading

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Shake Hands with the Devil

Now I have to say that I’m not a fan of these movies about war time atrocities and genocide and what not. I get a terrible sick feeling in the pit of stomach when I watch those types of movies, … Continue reading

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New Guy Gone

Ok, so does everybody remember in this entry when I wrote about the stupid new manager who had a hard on for getting the old catalogs out for customers? The same catalogs that are going to be out of date … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ceilidh

It’s hard to believe that 12 years ago today I brought my daughter into this world. Looking back now I remember mostly the joy of holding her in my arms, the way her soft little blue eyes stared back up … Continue reading

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Triple Your Pain Anyone??

I should be sleeping right now, but my body is hating me today and causing me to suffer and new ways and one of those ways seems to be a sort of insomnia where I lie awake all night long, … Continue reading

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Not Quite Empty Nest Syndrome

It feels like this never ending cycle, I work, I clean the house, do laundry and deal with children related issues. Every day I wake up and those are the things on my plate. I’ve found that I’ve come to … Continue reading

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Tropical Plant

When I got my Azalea’s, I also got got this tropical plant. I have no idea what it is since the tag that came with it that normally tells you what type of plant you’ve got only identified it as … Continue reading

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