Work Just Keeps Getting Better

I had a rough day at work yesterday with some stupid bitchy customer who didn’t like my explanation as to why she had to pick her son up, and now thinking back on the whole situation I can now understand why he didn’t listen, because his mother has difficulty in listening as well.

The little boy insisted on playing in the sink and then running around the play area with soaking wet hands, dripping water all over the floor and causing a hazard that the other children might slip and fall in.
He insisted on climbing on the wall and no matter how many times we told him he couldn’t do that and that it wasn’t safe he still kept right on doing that.
We had all agreed that the next time he misbehaves we’d have to page his Mom to come and pick him up.
Five seconds after we’d all agreed on that he ran over and pushed open the emergency exit which starts the fire alarm.
When Mom came I explained that he wasn’t listening and that he could no longer stay in the play area, I told her about how he opened the emergency exit and she asked me to explain why he had to leave. We hate it when parents ask us to talk to their kids this way, it feels very awkward and almost like they don’t want to have to discuss it with their kids at all. Like if they don’t have to talk about it with them then it isn’t that much of a big deal.
So when I explained to this boy that he had to leave because he wasn’t listening she started to freak out on me, telling me that it was because he opened the emergency door and I said that wasn’t the case. It was because he had to be spoken to multiple times and that he refused to follow the rules to which she screamed at me that she didn’t know our rules.
I calmly stated that we explained the rules to him each time he did something he shouldn’t have and that he just kept doing it over and over again.
She started to scream at me that I wasn’t letting her explain things to her son and did I have a problem with her telling her son why he was leaving. She asked me to explain it to her son, I reminded her and that’s all that I was doing, letting him know that he has to listen to us the next time he comes in.
At that point she began to scream at me and I couldn’t even keep track of all the crap coming out of her mouth, but other co-workers who heard her said that she was very abusive in her manner and that when I just threw my hands up in frustration and walked away from her that I did the right thing because there wasn’t anything else I could do.
She started to yell across the room that she wasn’t done with me and that she wanted to speak to me but I just refused to come back. She began to scream at the other co-workers, demanding my name, which they said was Kat and she demanded my last name and every single person there explained that she didn’t need to know my last name since I was the only Kat in the department so if she complained the managers would know who she was talking about.
She then began to scream at me, demanding to know my last name and I refused to give it to her. I showed her my name badge and said the same thing the others said, she didn’t need my last name to which she replied that I need to learn some fucking manners and stormed away.
If I’m going to learn manners from anybody it most definitely isn’t going to be from some irrational, verbally abusive psycho woman who feels no compunction about not only pitching a fit and swearing in front of her own child but in front of other peoples kids as well.

When I see my manager tomorrow I’m going to let her know what happened because I’m certain that this woman is going to be contacting head office about this, even though my other co-workers are convinced she’s just blowing off steam. That’s not the vibe I got.

Then there is our new manager. He’s on a 2 month contract, he’s been here about 2 weeks and he’s a real piece of work.
He has never introduced himself to me, let alone most of the other workers. He comes up to the play area yesterday and asked for someone to go and put out some catalogs. I’d just seen a co-worker out there doing just that so I told him that I just saw her doing that.
He looked at me with this expression on his face that said something like ‘how dare I open my mouth and speak in his presence’ and perhaps a little bit like I was a bug that needed to be squashed under his foot.
Today he came back down and went off on me about those stupid catalogs and decided that it was my job to keep the catalogs topped up. He came down to our department about 4 times and called at least another 3 to tell me to get out there and do the catalogs.
At one point I was on my way to go do them and told my co-workers that I wanted to take my break after, so one said to go now and she’d do the catalogs for me. So I went on my break and he came back and asked where I was.
When they told him I was on my break he pitched a fit about how I had been the one he wanted to do the catalogs and how when he tells us to do something we’d better do it right then and there and not when we bloody well want to.
The thing is that we are a self sufficient department and our manager knows this. She knows that if she says to us to keep the catalogs topped up that they’ll stay topped up, we know what our duties are and she never has to sit on us to get them done. We just do them before they become a problem.
This man was driving us insane. He’s acting like I’m some stubborn little bitch that needs to get a lesson on who the boss is or something.

And then I found out that he’s actually called another co-worker retarded, which flipped out me and another girl I work with. My son has brain damage, my co-worker has brain damage and we find it totally offensive that he would say something that insulting and derogatory about someone. We are offended and I’m going to find out if this is just a rumor or if this really happened because if he said this, then I’m going to file a complaint about him. He has to learn that you can’t talk to people that way. I realize he’s new to this country and perhaps in his culture it isn’t such a taboo as it is here to say that sort of thing, but he’s not in his country now and someone needs to explain to him that sort of thing is not only not acceptable, but in this country it’s against the law.
I don’t think that this guy is off to a very good start, since he’s only been here 2 weeks and he’s already breaking the labour laws of Canada. The store could be sued for what he did and he needs to be warned.


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Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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  1. mzbee says:

    >P.S. I like the pretty new flower picture in your template. VERY PRETTY!

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