Dear Self,
Remember the times that you wanted to do something different, to take a chance and perhaps break out of the tiny little mold that you made for yourself, remember not having the courage to do any of those things. Remember convincing yourself that it wasn’t worth the struggle, or that you didn’t really want it or care about it so why bother? Remember all those times that you said to yourself that you’d do it later, and then you just ran out of time, or later never really seemed to come.
I just want to tell you to stop dwelling on those times. It’s in the past and thinking about them and regretting those decisions or actions will never make you happy. If those things were something that you needed to do to make yourself complete then get off your ass and get to it. It’s not too late, you aren’t dead and buried yet.
If it’s not something that you are willing to do today then shut up about it, forget about it and move on already!

Dear Crazy Parent at Work #1,
I don’t understand why you get so upset with me when I try to ensure that your child is going home with the correct person. I’d think that you’d be happy that I’m concerned enough for your child’s welfare to ensure that they aren’t about to be kidnapped and taken out of the country by some ex of yours, or by some crazy person that’s been stalking you for months and now feels that they have a perfect opportunity to steal your child away.
Dear Crazy Parent at Work #2,
When I tell you that your child is too tall/small to come in and play and that it wouldn’t be safe for them to come in, why do you try to argue and brow beat me into bending the rules,” just this one time”. Don’t you care that it won’t be safe for your child to come in a play? I know that as a parent if I’m told that it’s not safe for my child to be somewhere I’m certainly not going to put my child there.
Dear Crazy Parent at Work #3,
Why are you so anxious to sign your child into my department? Do you not enjoy spending these precious years with your children? Are you awaiting the day that they grow up and leave you behind with wonderous anticipation? One day your children will leave you, they will start their own families and no longer have time to dedicate to you, and suddenly you will look back on these days and wish you’d spent just one more minute with them. You’ll wonder why it was so damn important to purchase that sofa, and why you couldn’t have just taken your child to the park, or played with them one more time. You should hug your children close while you can so that once they’ve flown the nest you don’t look back in regret.
Dear EB,
Why do you act like a complete butt head in one moment and then become the most adorable, wonderful son that any mother could ever hope for. I hope that these brief moments of idiocy are because your male hormones are starting to make you insane and that sooner than later you’ll return to your sweet self again and leave these woe begotten days of teen angst behind.
To My Darling Husband,
Why is it that even though you don’t do the dishes, you don’t help keep the floors clean and the last time you did a load of laundry I had to ask you to do it, not because you saw that it just needed to get done, despite all of that I still love you to distraction and wouldn’t trade you in for another model no matter what.Well , unless that new model was Brad Pitt!

About katastrophes1

Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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One Response to Letters

  1. Volly says:

    >K,I agree with all your "Dear Parent" posts except the third one. Naturally, there might be much more to the story than was given here, but as a mom who put her child in day care fairly early, I always resented the judgmental attitudes about moms caring more about money and "things" than about their kids. I don't know if that was the message you were trying to convey, but it all came back reading it, and it's been 18 years since those days.Now, on the other hand, I will agree, absolutely, that those wonderful years go by all too fast and you can't get them back. But very few parents are going to "get" that truth until it's way too late. It's one of those cases where experience is non-transferable.Getting back to Crazy Parent #3, maybe she has some compelling reason for having to go back to work, and it isn't just about having a new sofa. Is her husband getting the same lecture from people? Thanks for letting me vent a bit.

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