More Olympics

Still going on about the Olympics because lets be honest folks, it’s all my family seems to want to talk about or watch or do anything about lately.

Just to clear up a bit from yesterdays post, Hubby isn’t saying that there shouldn’t be any judges and he isn’t saying that the athletes in those sports work any less harder, he just feels that it’s hard to get an honest score from the judges when they could make backroom deals with other judges (ie. the skating debacle in which the French Judge and Russian Judge worked out a deal which ended up stealing the gold medal from the Canadian figure skaters).

He’s not saying anything about cheating in the sport just that it’s hard for a person to judge something without bias and as such it seems that it’s not really in the athletes hands and therefore not entirely fair.

That being said, today I’d like to discuss heartbreak.
I feel so bad for the athletes who have worked so hard to get the chance to compete in the Olympics and then turn around and make a terrible mistake that ends up costing them their chance to qualify for the finals or else robs them of their medal.

I mean it’s one thing for them to go to the Olympics and get beaten by a team or athlete who is better than them, someone who worked just a bit harder during training, is having an awesome day or perhaps has just a smidgen more talent.
But to lose because of an error, or a fall or an injury has to be the worst thing in the world and it makes me want to cry for those poor people.

I watched a little Chinese Gymnast who fell of the uneven bars during her routine, she got up, dusted herself off and finished her routine. But the moment she was done and back on the sidelines again her coach wrapped her arms around the girl and she just sobbed into the coaches shoulder. It’s so hard, and it’s so unfair to have something like that happen to her right at that moment.
I didn’t see it but I heard about the American gymnast who fell off the balance beam and then again in the floor routine, that has to be one of the worst experiences in that girls life. And even worse is the weight that it was she that cost her team mates the silver medal. That is a weight that will pull you under if you let it.

Sometimes you think that it might be nice if the spirit of the games was in sportsmanship and not competition, and folks got gold, silver and bronze medals not due to the lack of errors they had in their routine but because they were the ones cheering on the other teams the loudest, or because when a rival team had equipment problems they lent them their own gear without even thinking about it.
But watching such events, if you could even schedule stuff like that, well it wouldn’t be as thrilling as watching athletes spinning and flying through the air as they did their routine on the uneven bars, as they struggled and strained to be the first person across that finish line. You just wouldn’t want to sit and watch the Good Sportsman like competitions, “Man, you are the best” “No man, you’re the best.” “No man, I mean it you’re the best!” Boring.

And so the spirit of competition will continue to grow stronger each day, and we’ll continue to sit and hold our breath as divers leap from sky high diving boards, swimmers strain to be the first to the opposite side of the pool and back, and gymnasts tumble and fall.

But man it’s still heartbreaking to watch a mistake happen.


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Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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