Time to Bid Adieu

With the kids heading back to school on Monday and the weather getting cooler I’ve decided that it’s time to face facts and accept that Summer is over and the Fall is here.
It’s time to bid farewell to heatwaves, humidity and sitting under the hot sun (when it wasn’t raining that is, and man did it rain a lot this summer), and time to say hello to crisp cool days, dew on the grass in the mornings, leaves turning color and then falling to the ground where they’ll crisp up and brown as they die. Days will get noticeably shorter as they also get cooler.

Children will attain new heights in grumpiness, possibly even Grumpy Dwarf might become jealous with the attitudes they’ll demonstrate towards all things school and school work. There will be the reuniting with old friends that they haven’t seen much over the summer and the making of new friends with children new to the community.

The slow, lackadaisical ways of summer which entailed hanging out with the friends, sitting around the house, and making the tough choices of whether to go for a bike ride or meet up with friends at the pool will be replaced by the harried pace of getting out the door to school each morning, rushing home to get homework and chores done, squeezing the ever needful baths/showers and running out to whatever program or social event on certain days.
Right now that list doesn’t seem all that demanding or even rushed, but the actual doing of those items can make a person exhausted and ready for a good long winters nap. Which trust me, after fall is over will be coming!

I bid this summer adieu with much more sadness than I normally would, and that is because I have hardly had a chance to do the fun stuff with the kids. Between working and the horrible rainy weather we’ve had, I just haven’t been able to do the stuff with them that I wanted to.
It seems that this year, the days that I was working were the gorgeous ones and the days that I had off were filled with summer storms and torrential down pours, which really aren’t that great for summer outings with the family.

Now that summer is gone, the things I have to look forward to the most are Apple picking which I’ll be doing with the family in a few weeks, of course there is Thanksgiving (for us Canadians Thanksgiving falls on October 13 this year, instead of in November like the Americans). There will be the meeting of the new teachers, and the fighting with the kids over their homework.
I’ll be dreading the coming winter and keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a mild one without the huge amounts of snow that I had to shovel through on an almost daily basis in order to get Dev out to the bus last year. I think Mother Nature sort of owes me, don’t you?

Of course after the fall there is the winter festivities, the Santa Clause parade, the decorating of the house for Christmas, Christmas itself which is followed by Boxing Day and then New Years. Hooray! Of course after that there isn’t much left to look forward to, just lots of cold and snow.
Sure Family Day falls in February, and there is Valentine’s Day and St. Paddy’s Day which is followed closely by Easter and Spring.
But the winters are too long for me, and way too cold and I hate to shovel all of that snow out.

And so it is with the deepest sadness that I bid Adieu to the Summer and await the coming months with great sadness and even a sense of fear.

So Long Summer, it seems like I hardly knew ya!


About katastrophes1

Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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