Labour Day’s Gone, School Is Back On

Yesterday after I finished work I headed down to The Ex and met up with the family and I had a good time.
Brennan was so amusing, they’d gone to the Military Exhibit and he was enamored with the tanks and military vehicles on display there.
The first thing that he said when he saw me was “Aunty Kat, you’ve got to see the tanks. They’re awesom.” and basically for the next hour or so that’s all he talked about, the soldiers this and the tanks that and of course he wanted to know if I knew that they had machine guns there, machine guns that you could touch.

He then turned to me when my Mom had gone withSean and Ceilidh to fetch some snacks and told me that he thought that Sean should go to Military School. “I think it would be good for him!” He said. “You think so?” I asked him.
“Yes, definately.” He nodded.
“Ok, then I’ll talk to your Dad and see about you going too, I think that you and Sean should go together!”
“Um, No. I don’t think so.” He said in a conspirator like tone. “No I think only he should go!”

So of course I spent the rest of the day asking him if he wanted to go to military school with Sean and telling him that I should talk to his Dad for him.

Brennan took me to see the tanks and he was busy showing me around and he went up to the recruitment tent and sat down in front of one of the many laptops that were there for signing up in whatever branch of the military you chose and I asked him, “So, you going to join the army?” He looked at me with horror on his face. “Don’t you think you’d like to move out from Mom and Dad’s and into the army?”
“Um, No Aunty I do not!” He said with a terse voice and I had to hold back my laughter as he basically ran out of that tent after that.

Man I love that kid.

So in about 6 hours the whole back to school rush will begin, I’ll be back to getting up before the crack of dawn. I’ll be rushing to stretch Dev, get him fed, dressed and out the door all the while trying to get the other two up and moving so they aren’t late for school.

In honor of their last day we had a BBQ, I made 3 different types of burgers and roasted some of my potatoes on the BBQ. I also made a marble bundt cake with chocolate glaze that I thought was awesome, but then I did make the food so perhaps I’m a little biased?

The kids are all in bed, supposed to be sleeping but I can hear them moving around and making noises every now and then. I remember when I was a kid that last night before going back to school, I wanted the night to last forever and I hated falling asleep because I knew that before I knew it the morning would be there and I’d have to get up and head off to school, which I hated more than almost everything in my life.
So I guess I can’t really blame my kids for being up and not being able to fall asleep tonight.
Mix into that the fact that Ceilidh is feeling anxious about going to a new school again, Sean has a big zit on his cheek and he’s feeling self conscious enough about it to ask me about cover up. Dev is excited about going back and seeing all his friends again.
So if they are having a hard time falling asleep I guess I can understand.

And myself, well I’m online here avoiding all the prep I’ve got to do for the morning, like packing up Dev’s lunch, setting up his wheelchair and packing his backpack. I know that I’ve got to do it, I just want to put it off as long as I can.


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Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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