Thinking About Thursday

I’m going to have my upper left wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow, Yikes!

This leaves me wondering what I’ll do on Thursday, I’m scheduled to work that morning.  Actually I’m the opener that morning, and the person who always works Thursday morning along with the opener doesn’t actually work.
This person has been in our department since Mid May (at least) and she refused to learn the procedures for signing in and out the children.  She doesn’t supervise the children either, and she isn’t first aid trained which is a huge requirement for the position.  So I don’t even know how she’s been allowed to work in this department for all this time and not have to get her first aid training.
But back to my situation for Thursday morning, I’m wondering how I’ll be feeling Thursday after having a tooth pulled.  Now the first wisdom tooth I had pulled was a breeze and even the first day I had no problem with pain and I would have been able to do my job without a problem back then.  The second wisdom tooth I had pulled caused my jaw and ear to get an infection and it took a couple of weeks to clear up, and I didn’t work for most of that time.
So I’m wondering how I’ll be on Thursday and if I’ll be able to go in to work, and if I go in to work I most likely wont be able to talk a lot, which means there wont be anyone to sign in or out until noon when the next scheduled person is due to come in.
Now this leaves me in a quandary, because I would so love to screw this woman over and make the supervising manager aware of the fact that she’s useless in our department.  We’ve tried to let our manager know but she ‘doesn’t want to hear gossip about other co-workers.  So I’m thinking that if I call in, the managers will see that she doesn’t know how to do the job after all this time because not only will they have to send someone in that is First Aid trained to assist her, but they’ll have to be trained for our department as well, which is nearly impossible to find.  Even our own managers aren’t fully trained for our department.  They can come in and help out here and there but most of the time they are asking us questions about how things are done, and also, the managers are needed in their areas so pulling them out to stick them in our department isn’t actually something that is able to be done with ease.
Of course if I do call in like that I’ll feel bad for the kids that will suffer because of it, as well as the other co-workers who will be stressed out from the drama that will come from all of this.  And trust me, the parents will create drama if they don’t get their children into the play area when they want.
I could always go in, but then if I’m not able to talk I don’t see the point since this co-worker won’t sign in anyways, which means I have to sign in and out.
I could always try to cover the shift, which I did yesterday when I thought the dentist was pulling my tooth.  But then I’ll pass up a lovely opportunity to let management see how useless this woman is in this area.  I’m not saying she’s useless, I mean she’s a nice person and all.   It’s just that she wasn’t hired to work in our area and she’s not fond of children.  When the store made her position redundant she got shoved into our department and she wasn’t happy about it and she really doesn’t want to be there.  She’s waiting for management to realize that, instead of talking to them about it.  For a woman of her senior years she’s acting very immature about it.
What to do?  What to do?

About katastrophes1

Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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One Response to Thinking About Thursday

  1. mzbee says:

    >good luck with your tooth. re: the coworker. There's really nothing you should do, it will work itself out, it always does. Is the wisdom tooth the one you broke?

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