This Past Weekend Kat Got a Life

This past weekend something monumental happened, well it was a big deal in my neck of the woods anyways. See I managed to get my ass out of the house for something that was in no way related to children, work or grocery shopping.

A friend of mine is getting married in a couple of weeks and she asked me to join her in her ‘last romp as an unmarried woman’ and I could not turn her down, mostly because I didn’t want to and also because she’s a dynamite girl and who’d want to turn her down?
I didn’t even care what event we would be attending, as long as we were out of the house and having a good time. So when she called me last Wednesday and asked me to join her at the Gladstone for a Burlesque Show

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Well I was all like ‘Hell Yeah!’ and of course when I told the Hubby he was all like ‘Hell Yeah, You’ll be looking at Boobies!’ because at times he has the mental maturity of a twelve year old boy when it comes to members of the opposite sex.

So my pal got a group of friends together and we all headed down to the Gladstone and had a great time watching the show, and one of us even won a prize but I can’t tell you for what because I promised her I’d never tell. So if I told you, well I guess then I’d have to kill you, if I could find you, which lets be honest I wont, because first of all you could be anywhere in the world and secondly it would take way too much effort and I’m just not willing to put that much work into it. That’s why I’m not a spy or an assassin or something, because lazy people make the worst killers.
Before the show we headed down to Adrenaline on Queen and one of the girls got her lip pierced, which all I can say is ‘Ouch’. I was impressed with some of the stuff in the store and decided to let the Hubby know about this place before we left.
After the show we headed down to Spadina to have some Chinese food, and my tummy was feeling a bit upset so I decided not to eat anything. Everyone was asking me to eat but my little tummy was saying no, I didn’t even have any tea. So you know something is up with me because when do I say no to tea??
As everyone was finishing their food we had a little guest come to visit our table, Senior El Grandes Cucaracha, who basically put an end to anything else we might do at the restaurant. At this point we headed home and I crawled into bed around 4:00am.
At 9:00 I was up, feeding Dev and getting the kids moving because we were heading down to the St. Lawrence Market with my Mom, and since we were down there I pestered my Hubby into popping into Adrenaline so he could check the place out and I could show Ceilidh some of the cool shirts that they had for sale there.
Hubby was impressed with the place and we decided that Sean should give Ceilidh her birthday present finally. Hubby and I bought Ceilidh a new set of Surgical Steel earings and Sean paid for her piercing. We’ve had Ceilidh’s ears pierced a couple of times now but she always ended up with infections, so we figured it might be because of the guns in those little stores. I mean it isn’t the most sterile environment that we’d been getting her ears done in. This place was sterile and it’s done with a needle so it’s less invasive, easier to heal and hopefully she wont get any infections. So far so good [knocks on wood].
Hubby liked the place and he’s decided that’s where he’ll be going for his next tattoo, since the guy who did all of his work before is now retired.
And the wonderful kids let it out of the bag in front of my Mom that I’m planning on getting a tattoo. I didn’t want her to know, I wanted it to be a surprise because she would have totally flipped out. In the past I’ve gotten some pretty good fake tattoos and my Mom has gone through the roof over them, and it’s become a sort of joke between us. So I wanted to get a real one and have her shrug it off as ‘just another fake one’ until she finally realizes that it’s real. Now that wont happen, thanks kids!
Sunday was spent chilling and baking for Thanksgiving on Monday, which we spent at my Mom’s with my brothers, sister in law and my Nephew.
When we arrived the Nephew was already there, and he came out to greet the kids like he always does, and this time I got a huge greeting as well. He started to jump and scream in glee, of course that might have had more to do with the huge cake with chocolate ganache dripped all over it and less to do with his actual Aunty. Who knows?
So as you can see I had quite a flurry of activity this past weekend and of course during all of it I lamented my now quite dead camera and wished and wished that perhaps Santa might bring me a new one (hint hint Hubby).

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Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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  1. Kat says:

    >Don't worry Volly, I'm still around. I've just been having a very boring life lately, just cleaning the house, meetings with teachers and visits to the doctor. Nothing awe inspiring, so there isn't much to write about.

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