Terminator Salvation

This summer has been full of my anticipation for such wonderful movies as Terminator Salvation and Transformers: Rise of the Fallen.

My love for all sci-fi that depicts people kicking the crap out of robots, cyborgs or even technological devices that have no artificial intelligence what so ever, as is the case with the fax machine in Office Space is well known to most of my friends. I love that scene where they kill that fax machine, it’s my favorite scene and I don’t care if you hate that movie, that scene rocks!
When I watched BSG I loved every scene where those artificial intelligence bastards got their shiny metal asses handed to them, and while I may have wavered back and forth between hating those walking toasters and skin jobs and then rooting for them and actually having empathy for those buckets of bolts, I still loved it when they got the crap beat out of them.
As the release date for Terminator Salvation drew closer I admit that I read every word of every review that I could find and folks stating that the movie has little story line and too much action, that it actually steers away from the existing story line and that it’s a pile of crap that isn’t needed to be seen, really had me dreading watching the latest movie in one of my favorite franchises (part 3 excluded of course).
For those reviewers I have one bit of advice, lay off the drugs before watching these movies because your talking out of your asses on this one boys and girls!
This movie stuck true to the established story line that is present in the very first Terminator, perhaps these asshats should watch it again. Kyle Reese tells Sara Connor when they meet that John Connor saved him from a camp where humans were being terminated at an efficient and rapid pace, he told Sara about running from HK’s (hunter killers) in the ruins where he grew up and he told Sara how John had shown up in the camp and saved Kyle.
One big comment that I heard over and over again was how John Connor was stunned by his first sight of a cybernetic terminator, and this really pissed off the reviewers because everybody knows that John gets his first viewing of a Terminator in the second movie, so why is he so surprised?
The fact is that if you pay close attention, and listen to his comments right after he has his first encounter with the terminator you’ll hear him going on about the physiology of the terminator and how it’s disturbing to him, not the fact that it’s a terminator at all.
The story line is exactly what I expected to be present in a Terminator movie, if you want a story line that is stronger I suggest you go and watch something like Milk, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Driving Miss Daisy, Forrest Gump or any other of those top Academy quality movie fare that is available to the viewer. This is an action movie first and foremost and if you want heavy drama then you’re in the wrong place bub!
The fact is that if you’re a fan of Terminator 1 and 2 then you’ll most likely enjoy this one as well, I know I did.

About katastrophes1

Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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