Yearly Cadets is Ended, On with The Summer Cadet Program

Well the kids have finished their first year of Royal Canadian Army Cadets, they had the last parade on Tuesday and Hubby and I were lucky enough to be able to attend and watch the kids as they marched into the Armoury and be reviewed.

It was a nice night, and Hubby and I were surprised when we go the program for the evening and saw that Ceilidh was receiving an award for ‘Most Proficient Junior Cadet’. We were very pleasantly surprised because we had no clue that Dot was doing that well.

Of course I don’t think anybody more surprised than she was, it was sure funny when the commanding officer said into the microphone “And now the award for the junior cadet who accumulated the most points throughout the year and has improved the most is Private Ceilidh, now when the other awards were announced the recipient quickly yelled out “Sir” and then marched up to the podium, recieved the award, shook hands with the reviewing officer and then marched back into the ranks. That’s not how things went with Ceilidh, when her name was called I swear I could hear crickets chirping it was so quiet. Nobody moved, everyone sat there quietly waiting for her to do something, anything. But she didn’t. The officer made the announcement again, “Private Ceilidh” and again nothing, finally her Sgt. turned and told her to go up to the podium, and Ceilidh called out meekly “Sir” and then started to walk to the podium, stopped, stepped back into ranks and sort of did this weird little dance and then quickly marched up to the podium. You could see that she was just terrified, and it was so cute.

Sean didn’t win any awards, and you could see the disgruntled look in his eye, but it was soothed with the summer camp placements that were announced that night as well.

It seems that both Sean and Ceilidh got into their first choices for the training camps, Sean got into Marksmanship, which is a huge accomplishment because they only take 100 kids and only 1 or 2 from each area gets chosen, and I’m not sure how big the area is but considering that there are only a couple bases that offer this training camp throughout Canada, I’m assuming that it’s a pretty large area that they are selecting the kids from.
The selection is made based on their qualifying by shooting targets, and Sean did pretty good the first and second time he picked up an airgun (in his life) and the officers have to write a recommendation as well and I guess they must have seen promise in his skills and written a good recommendation because he got in and he’s on such a high I swear that I might just have to tie him down to keep him from floating up to the moon.


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