Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Oops! I wrote this July 18th and hit the save button instead of the post. My mistake, but I’m fixing it now. Sorry kiddies!

I took the kids to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the other night and we did enjoy it, the kids loved the Quidditch match and of course the special effects were dynamite.

I was a tad disappointed with the climactic ending, in my opinion it felt a bit rushed and since I’d read the book I was really looking forward to that ending and had even brought a big box of tissue, which sadly wasn’t needed as badly as I thought it would have been, Transformers 2 made me cry more. Of course that isn’t to say that I didn’t emerge from the theatre a terribly red and puffy eyed mess, but my tears were more for The Deathly Hallows than for The Half Blood Prince. I kept thinking about that book and all that enfolds in it and when I laughed over a funny moment and saw the characters having a grand time I’d start to think about what’s to come and I’d become a sobbing mess. So I guess my tears were more for the books than the movie.
Another complaint I have about the movie is that it seems to centre more on the characters love lives than it does on the one theme that has flowed through all the books and movies and that is the conflict with Voldemort. Students groping each other and ‘snogging‘ in the halls of Hogwarts seemed oddly out of place, especially since in the past movies and books Argus Filch has always been there to chase those lurking in the shadows back to their dorms and sometimes he’d drag them in front of professors so that their houses could lose a few points here and there.
In my honest opinion I felt that we had to endure Ron squirming on the hook over Lavender Brown more than we should have.
I felt like Mr. Yates centered more on the teen angst and drama and that the rest of the stuff unfolding at Hogwarts was just the filler or backdrop for what was supposed to be a great love story.
Perhaps they were trying to compete with the great love story that is in Twilight, a movie I haven’t seen nor have I read the book but from my understanding is a modern styled Gothic romance, and Harry Potter is not!
Even the climatic ending wasn’t all that I’d hoped it would be. It seemed rushed, like all the time had been spent showing us all the kissing and making out and oh yeah we forgot about this great ending. Oops, better jam it in there fast.
Now my daughter, who has not read the books, enjoyed the movie a lot. My son, who has just started reading The Half Blood Prince was upset with the amount that had been cut out, and he’s only a few chapters in. So imagine how much they cut out from the majority of the book.
I know that David Yates is the director for both of the Deathly Hallow movies and I have to say that I’m very sad and wondering how much butchering is being done on those?

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One Response to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

  1. Volly says:

    >I've defended the movies all this time against the criticisms of a purist friend of mine. This one, however, I could not be forgiving of.I'll say only that Helena Bonham-Carter has a MUCH better agent than Alan Rickman. And, that people who go to see the movies without having read the books pretty much deserve what they get, especially with this one.

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