12 Months With a Missing Sense, but Which One?

If I was told that I’d have to live for one full year with only four of my five senses, but that I’d get to pick that one sense, what sense would I pick, and why?

I know that I would hate to lose my hearing, because I love to listen to sounds. Music is of course an obvious reason why I wouldn’t want to lose my sense of hearing, but I’d miss other everyday sounds as well. I love sitting and listening to the clink of the raindrops on the metal shed behind my house, I even love listening to them on the leaves of the trees and bushes. I love to hear the sound of wet tires as they make that sort of squishing noise on the asphalt. I’d miss hearing my children’s laughter, even the screaming and the cries would be missed.

Mot to mention I’d be a nervous wreck as I walked down the street, crossing the roads I use my hearing to listen for oncoming traffic, I also wouldn’t be able to hear sirens, or fire alarms.

So hearing I couldn’t ever do without.

Sight is used to get around and I don’t do well with directions, I mean lets be honest here, I can’t find my way out of a wet paper bag with my sight, let along following instructions. When I’m speaking to people I watch their body language, I watch for signs that belay what they are truly thinking and what their motives are. I would feel like I was lost if I couldn’t watch folks smile, see the corners of their eyes crinkle as they laughed, se them clench their jaws as they become upset.

No, sight isn’t something I could live without.

As a person who suffers from periodic bouts of Ansomnia (loss of smell) I can tell you that while you may think it won’t be that bad a thing if you can’t stop and smell the flowers, it is a bad thing if you can’t smell the gas seeping into your room from a blown out pilot light, this is something that could possibly kill you, your family and blow your house to kingdom come. I know, it’s something that almost happened to me. When I’ve lost the ability to smell it isn’t the loss of smelling scented candle, beautiful flowers and my favorite perfume that upsets me. It’s having to trust someone else nose to tell me if the food in my fridge might be a bit off (yes I sniff test almost everything that comes out of my fridge. I’m paranoid about food poisoning). It’s losing that sense of security of knowing that I’ll be able to smell that rotten egg scent if a gas leak happens in my vicinity.

No, the sense of smell is not something I’d be happy to live without for a year.

The sense of touch is one that I love, I love the feel of hard plastic keys under my fingers, it’s reassuring to me in some way. I love to feel the soft cottony softness of my favorite shirt, and stroking my youngest son’s almost baby soft cheek, running my hand through his hair, these are not things that I’d give up gladly.

Now when I’m talking about my sense of touch, I’m assuming that this means that somehow the nerve endings have stopped sending signals and that I no longer can sense the touch of something, and that my hands and other limbs are all still working correctly. This being said, it could also be dangerous. You wouldn’t be able to feel if your hand was sitting on a burning hot element on your stove, or whether your leg was painfully twisted under your seat, to the point of snapping a bone.

No, the sense of touch isn’t one that I could live without either.

This just leaves taste, and while I know that I’d be miserable without being able to taste the melting sweetness of a chocolate bar, or the bitterness of my morning tea, I think that out of all the senses this would be the only one that I could actually live with.

And just think, for a food junkie like myself it might even be a good thing. Without the wonderful flavors driving me to stuff my food hole, I might not actually eat as much as I do. At that point I’d only be eating to survive, not for enjoyment.

A steak would hold as much pleasure for me as a cherry cheese danish, or even broccoli. A salad or a bowl of ice cream, it would all be the same.

So with that thinking, I might even be able to start to eat better and thus lose some extra pounds.

If only you could find a doctor who could do this for you, surgically remove your sense of taste for a few months. I think that doctor would be a very rich person indeed.


About katastrophes1

Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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