The Blame Game

Folks, I’m happy to let you all know that I did not, in fact, succumb to the worlds worst head cold, although I have to admit that at times I seriously thought that death might be better than this and perhaps even wished for it. But those times are past and now I’m relatively healthy, and other than feeling like I may melt from this heat doing well.

Now that your worries and fears over my health have been laid to rest, I can get on with the messy business of actually writing a blog entry and what random subject have I chosen to wax on about today folks??
Celebrities, or rather Celebrities and the Scum Suckers who Stalk them or as some refer to them, the Paparazzi.
I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I have to say that while fame I’m sure has it’s perks, the loss of one’s private identity is a draw back that I have to say sucks in the supreme. Imagine if every time you screwed up or put on a few pounds or did some dumb thing like forgot to put on panties under your ultra mini skirt and the paparazzi not only pounced on the chance to crucify you but they splashed the pictures of your one moment of bad judgement all over the front page of whatever trash magazine would pay the biggest sum of money for the photographic proof of your latest stumbling block. I think we could all honestly say that our lives would suck.
To make matters worse, what if those tabloids and their fans were not only waiting for you to stumble and fall, but they were hoping for it, praying for you to fail.
And while the paparazzi and those trashy tabloids do their utmost to keep us abreast of the latest horrific thing that the Gosselin’s are doing to each other, and they sure love to remind us that Angelina and Brad are on the cusp of breaking up which they can only hope will lead to a knock down, drag out custody battle and a public airing of the dirty laundry that will push their readership to even higher numbers, I don’t blame those trash mongers and scandal rags. Or at least I don’t hold them solely to blame.
The readership, that’s the who I blame the most.
Lets be honest here folks, if those people who bought those peeping Tom magazines suddenly stopped and every body suddenly decided that they could spend their money in a much wiser way, what motivation would those trashy tabloids have to keep spending sinful amounts of money on the latest picture of a drunken starlet cavorting in the altogether with some young stud off some tropical island somewhere. None.
I’ll be honest here, I understand the public’s desire to know everything that they can about their favorite star. They watch these people in movies and television or they listen to their music and they respect and admire these celebrities or they have massive, unhealthy crushes on them and they want to scrape every bit of this persons life up and be able to know them through these gossipy mags so that they can feel a closer connection to their favorite stars. And then they’ll feel like they ‘know’ that star and have a connection.
But people, your a fan. These stars may wave to you, they may love that you love them because it keeps them working and earning money, but you don’t have a connection with them.
I follow celebs on Twitter, and I’ve sent a few messages to some of them, but each one feels awkward and silly to me. This person doesn’t know me from a hill of baked beans. Sure, I’ve watched every single episode of their show, I’ve seen every movie that they’ve been in and I love to watch them create and become a new character and make me fall in love with that character as much as I’d loved the last one they portrayed. Sure I feel a special thing for that last show that guy was on because I held my baby in my arms as I put him to sleep each night while I watched that show, or how about the girl that was in that movie that made me really cry but it got me through a rough patch in my life because her portrayal of that character inspired me to become a better person.
So yes these things mean something to me, but for these celebrities it’s just another fan with another story and sure they’ll smile and thank you for being a fan but in the end they’ll go home to their loved ones and continue on in their quest for a bit of peace and quiet in their lives, and hope that the tabloid reporters wont scare their kids again, or go through their trash.
I blame the readers because if they’d just stop buying those magazines, stop reading what the trashy bloggers have to say about these people, then perhaps they might not have to worry that their children would be abducted by some whack job who thinks that they’ve got a connection and thanks to the paparazzi are able to find where the object of their obsession lives and yeah, possibly get their hands on their innocent children. Or what about all the times celebs have said that the paparazzi scare the beejuses out of their children by jumping out and screaming and yelling in an attempt to get their parents attention. If I was a five year old who was told that strangers are bad and now there’s this stranger in my face screaming my name and my Mom/Dads, I can see how that would traumatizing. And folks just throw their hands up, shrug and say ‘That’s the price of fame!’
I’d like to see those assholes get stalked for a change. Have the tables turned and have their every move photographed and documented. I know that if it happened to me, I’d be ripped to shreds. Every parenting choice I’d ever made would be dissected by ‘specialists’ in the field and they’d all say as how I’m doing it wrong. No body’s perfect and just because you can act or sing doesn’t mean that suddenly you’re supposed to know how to do everything in your life without any flaws.
Yeah, young stars go out and have a good time. Walk down to the nearest club and check out all the young folks and see how they’re acting. Chances are you’ll see them all doing the same thing, the only difference is that we’re not going to see their pictures plastered on the front page in the morning, where it’ll get scooped up by all the folks starved for that one bit of information that will make them happy. Whether it’s telling them one more tidbit about their fav celeb or documenting the fall of someone who they are so happy to see being knocked off their high horse.
Whether we like those celebrities or not, I think they deserve to have a little peace and quiet in their lives.
I’ve seen celebrities, I ran into the late great Jeff Healey once at a pet store. He was busy purchasing a kitten and all the necessaries that go along with owning a feline. He was being swarmed by fans who wanted to tell him how great he was and how much his music meant to him. He was gracious and smiled and thanked them for their comments. He talked with them for a bit and then he tried to get on with his shopping.
My friend and I were huge fans, and we just stood there watching the whole thing. When another friend asked if we were going to go up and talk to him we just looked at each other, smiled and said no. He was trying to buy a cat, he didn’t need us pestering him and telling him how great he was. It was enough that we’d been in the same store with him, so what if we didn’t have an autograph to prove we saw him. We know we did and that’s all that’s important. It was enough for us.
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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2 Responses to The Blame Game

  1. Pischina says:

    >I think for many celebrities it sucks, and for others they love it. I think kids need to be left out of it, but that includes selling baby pictures to the highest bidder. But in celebrity hot spots it's not just the celebrities who have to deal with this, it's the public who can't get down the streets they live on, who can't get their cars off parking lots, who almost get hit on the freeway by chasing papparrazzi. And almost nothing they do is considered illegal. THAT's what bugs me. They shouldn't be allowed to be nuisances like this.ALSO: it's not just the magazines, those shows like EXTRA and others are pretty dispicable in their exploitation and straight up lies. I'm guilty of passively following TMZ and Trent and IDLYITW but at least they mostly report the truth and don't make things up like I see on the TV.(Well, you asked for an opinion!)

  2. Kat says:

    >I agree with you, that some celebrities love it and they court them because it's free publicity, so I don't mind them being hunted. But it's the ones that are running and ducking for cover that I'm pissing about. Obviously they aren't interested in being hounded so leave them the hell alone.I never thought about the others getting knocked down or being hit by chasing paparazzi, that's not right. Not to mention it not being illegal, that is so not right. I realize that there is the freedom of the press, but should the rights of an entity like the press, be allow to encroach on the rights of an individual? I'm sure your founding fathers never had tabloid press in mind when they wrote that bit of the constitution.As for those shows, and ezines and the rest, when I say Tabloid I do mean the entire kit and kaboodle, not just the printed rag. Thanks for your opinion, much appreciated. Hopefully there are more to follow.

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