There’s a Light

So yesterday I heard back from the Rent Bank on their final decision on whether or not they can lend us money to help cover the arrears in our rent, and the final answer was no.  The Rent Bank is an organization set up by the city to help those who are struggling to maintain their current living situations.  When the worker from the Rent Bank was finished looking over all of our financial information she came to the conclusion that this living situation is not sustainable.
Hubby’s current living, combined with the lack of funding and the fact that I’m not really able to work all added up to a big fat ‘you’re not able to consistantly pay your current rent, pay your bills and purchase food’.
She told me that once the two disability support payments are reinstated (and she assured me it would be with our current income) once tax season has passed that we would once again be able to cover all the costs of renting this current address.  The problem with that is that the support won’t actually kick in until July 1, 2010.  That’s over seven months away.  What are we supposed to do until then?

Lucky for me, that wasn’t the entire reason the worker was contacting me. She wanted to put me in touch with another city funded program that would be able to benefit us, the First & Last Fund.  Guess what this program funds?  They pay your first and last months rent, which is great because it was coming up with first and last months rent that we were having a problem with.  It’s impossible to save that up while you’re still trying to jam all your earnings into your current rent.
So now I’m officially apartment hunting.  We’re looking for something with the utilities included, since that’s really what’s killing us here.
The rent here is $1211 a month, add on top of that the extra $800 or so for neccesities like hydro, heat, phone, storage, parking, and garbage and we’re paying over $2000 and that’s not even taking into consideration the car payment and insurance, gas to make the car go or even food.   Add all of that in and you’ve got about another $1200 or so.
Right now Hubby is making about $2400 a month.  It’s just not enough to cover the cost of everything.
Come July when the extra $1500 for disability support is reinstated and we’ll be doing ok again.  But we can’t wait until then.

So once we found out about this First & Last program , Hubby and I started to call apartments right away.  We’re looking for cheaper or around the same in rent, but with utilities included.  We’ve found a few places, some have immediate availability and others aren’t available until March.  Which leaves us with the problem that the eviction is already underway.  We’re just waiting for the paperwork which gives us the ‘get frak out’ date.
This means that we really can’t wait until March for an apartment, but we need to sign a year’s lease for this program to help us out.  Which means that we could be stuck having to take a crappy already availble place for a year, which is a long time if you’re hating where you’re living, because we can’t afford to wait.
So I had to call my Mom last night and basically beg her to let us move in with her for a few months, just until we can find another apartment for us to move into.
Her answer was “I’d already told you that you guys could move into here.”  Actually no, what she really had said was that ‘we won’t let you be out on the street’ and when Ive asked her repeatedly to tell me what that criptic message meant because it could mean that we could move in with her (remember I asked her before if we could move in and she’d said no and then let my brothers friend move in, so I was thinking she wasn’t that keen on the idea) or since she’d waid ‘we‘, it could mean that she’d spoken with my Granny who has quite a nice sized nest egg laid away, thanks to my Grandfather’s large payoff to retire early from politics because he was too much of a whistleblower, and that my Granny had said that if push came to shove she’d loan us the money.  Or it could have been something else entirely different.  I can’t read my Mom’s brain to know that what she meant was that we could move in if we have to.

This all takes a load off of my shoulders.  We can come up with first and last now, and if we need to we can move in with my Mom.  Phew!  Why does she always have to be so cryptic and play those games?  Now I remember why I had an ulcer at a very young age, because my Mom loves drama and games and she loves to drive me insane!

But enough with all that, I’m feeling better now.  And now all I can find myself humming (aside from Christmas carols and that annoying ‘I want a Hippopotamous for Christmas’ song) is ‘There’s a light, in the Darkness of Everybody’s Life’.*

5 points to anyone who knows where that song is from.


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Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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