What’s Mal Eaten/Chewed Now?

There is a running list inside my head of all the things that Mal has destroyed since he came to live with us back in April.

  1. 1 of the Daughters Pretty Yellow Easter flip flops
  2. power cord for a computer monitor (it wasn’t plugged in, we weren’t using it at the time)
  3. Recharger cord for my phone
  4. 1 of the Pretty Green flip flops that were bought to replace the Daughter’s Easter flip flops
  5. more of The Sons bibs than I’d like to admit.  Mal raids the laundry basket
  6. 1 of the brown flip flops with the green and blue braiding that has a matching hobo bag and that I bought to go with a brown dress that I use a green or blue tank under
  7. a chair leg on a brand new chair, he actually chewed it the night after we purchased it.
  8. numerous stuffed animals
  9. 1 guitar hero world tour drum stick
  10. 1 Led Zeppelin drum stick that had been purchased for my birthday, for me to use while playing guitar hero.
    (We now have one half of two drumstick sets, and they are differing lengths and weights so very awkward to use together while playing Guitar Hero)
  11. The Guitar Hero drum set, he pulled the wire out of the kick pedal so now we need to get a new one, so I guess him chewing up the drumsticks isn’t so bad since the drum isn’t usable right now.
  12. countless empty 2 litre pop bottles, he loves to chew them and squish them up
  13. tennis ball on a rope tug toy. He actually sat there and ate the ball.
  14. 3 brand new hangers that I purchased just before the Daughter left for camp.
  15. peeled the cover off of 3 of my books, and on a few of them ripped a couple pages out too.
  16. he’s attempted a few times to rip apart The Boys earphones for his computer but he’s always been caught. He’s removed some of the sponging and padding, but they’re still usable and you can’t really tell that he’s been at them, but let me tell you he still hasn’t given up on those things.
  17. dug hundreds of little ‘escape tunnels’ in the backyard. I fill them up as soon as he’s dug one, but he’s got a couple on the go now and the one that’s worrying me the most is the one in the north east corner of the back yard, it goes right under the fence. I keep filling it, and he keeps digging it out again. I’ve placed heavier items over it, I’ve tried to fill it with stones and the little hell hound keeps moving everything out of his way.
  18. Shredded 2 comforters and one fitted sheet for my queen sized bed, he just keeps digging and digging and digging whenever he gets a chance to jump on my bed. (Note to kids: keep my bedroom door closed!)
  19. Aug. 21, 2009 One queen sized mattress. Yup that’s right. The kids left my bedroom door open, and Mal pulled all blankets and sheets off of the bed and proceeded to rip into my mattress. He ripped open the cover and had begun to rip the stuffing out before he was caught and almost killed yelled at!
  20. Countless baby bottle nipples. Mal likes to rip off the tips of the nipples and then swallow what’s left until he barfs it back up.
  21. October, 2009: A brand new set of flannel sheets. They’d been bought 3 days earlier.
  22. November 2009: A new set of polar fleece sheets that had been purchased to replace the flannel ones.  There is only a tear in them, and I’ve repaired them enough to still use them but we’ll need to buy new ones again.
  23. Sept 4th, 2010: Mal has shredded yet another queen sized set of bedroom sheets.  This is bloody ridiculous, not to mention expensive

About katastrophes1

Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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