The No Good Day

Ok, aside from a couple brilliant moments, my day has been filled with an over abundance of suck.
So much suck that at one point the Hubby leaned over wrapped his overly large, muscular arms around me, pulled me close to his wonderfully bulging manly chest and whispered into my ears in his smooth voice that is broken with a thick European accent, “It’s ok my darling, you don’t have to do another thing to day.  You just rest and let me take care of you.”……*sounds of brakes screeching here*
Oh yeah, that was my dream from last night… sorry!

But the suckage, that was real today, sadly!

My daughter called the other night and managed to insult my dignity just a little when she talked with her Dad, asked how her brother was, asked how the dogs were and then informed him she was good and was about to hang up when Hubby asked her if she wanted to talk to me… oh sure, she decided to talk to me, after being prodded! See who makes you wonderful cupcakes and all your other favorite goodies now, little deary!!
Then today she calls and as I’m in mid sentence she hangs up!  Just like that, no good bye nothing but a click and the feeling that she’s dancing around chanting ‘see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!’ up in Borden.  Way to break your mother’s heart.
Then a little later on Sean calls home, and he makes it more than a little apparent that the only reason he is calling is to talk to his dad about the bloody World Cup.  Again, Mom is nothing but chopped liver over here!!
Then I got a bright spark in my day when I got to talk to my friend Raevyn for a while before she had to jet out and pick up some dinner to feed her children, see that’s what a good mother does.  I’d had no idea that we were expected to feed them, but she set me straight.  Thanks for that!
Then I had to make dinner, well actually my first debacle came while I was on the phone with Raevyn, and that came in the manner of a tub of Cool Whip, a pack of Cherry Jell-O and a recipe that was a great big ol’ pile of crap!  First problem with this concoction I was mixing up, the recipe called for 8oz of Cool Whip and I had just been about to mix in a full 1 litre tub of the fluffy white dessert treat.  Lucky, the fact that was in the midst of having a stunning conversation with Raevyn about what ever random topic pops into our heads when we’re on the phone, I still managed to realize that 1 litre was a tad more than I needed.
The second part of the concoction cock up was the fact that the recipe told me to add more water than I should have, but now I know that and next time I’ll cut the water down by a huge amount and hopefully never have that problem again.
Fast forward to dinner, I made home made burgers, plus I had two boneless skinless chicken breasts left over from the other night and I decided to BBQ them all up and have the burgers for dinner tonight and save the chicken for sandwiches at dinner a couple nights from now.
I put all that yummy meat on the grill and left it to sizzle away, I went back in the house for a second, to get a quick top up of my yummy grape Kool Aid, notice it’s not Cherry?  Cherry Kool Aid, Devlin’s favorite flavour.  The flavor that we ran out of on Thursday, the same flavour that I promised him we’d buy this weekend when we went grocery shopping.  The same flavour that I managed to forget to grab.  The same flavour that the store across the street from us does NOT sell.  That flavour, in case you were wondering.
So, after topping up my drink of Devlin’s not so favorite Grape Kool Aid, I returned to the back yard BBQ to discover that my meat was no longer sizzling on the grill.
Horror of horrors, I’d run out of propane and the store we get the fresh tanks from was now…. (bum bum bum)… closed!
So right there in the middle of cooking I had to slam on my brakes, pull a rapid lane change and hopefully not miss my turn off.  Needless to say it sent me into super moody cranky mode.  The fact that Mother Nature, that bitch, had decided to grace me with her stupid gift this weekend didn’t help me keep my mood from accelerating in a rapid manner into super pissed mode.
And just as I was calming down, I somehow managed to knock over my very large, ultra cold glass of ginger ale.  It poured all over the table, all over the floor and all over the fabric covered chair that I sit in when I feed Devlin his dinner.  Yup, what an uber fun thing that was to do!
At this point Hubby took pity on me, put on Dr. Who and stayed up late to watch an episode with me.  He didn’t hold me in his arms and pamper me the way my dream guy did, but he did give me a quick break from reality and keep me from thinking just how awful the day had been, and really that’s all I needed to readjust my inner workings and get everything back on track.
Well that and the fact that and the fact that after dinner I came online and discovered that a friend (she knows who she is) is going to become the proud Mommy to a super adorable little border collie.  After what feels like forever and her jumping and leaping through hoops and struggling to beat certain less than scrupulous doggie rescues (in my opinion anyway) from taking the pups out of the animal services (pound) before she had a chance to adopt, or even see them, I’m so happy for her.
Hopefully that’ll be the end of the no good day, especially since I’m heading off into bed in a manner of minutes.


About katastrophes1

Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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