It’s 2012 and I’m Still Alive

Ok, so I’ve been a very bad blogger for the past 3 months and haven’t written a thing. But that doesn’t mean that I have been doing nothing, quite the contrary.  I had just started a new job when I last wrote and a month after that last entry I started training for my new position of apprentice dog groomer.  The training for that was very fast paced and managed to fly through that without a hiccup.

I am now an apprentice dog groomer, have been for the past month, so if any of you need your dog groomed, please feel free to bring it into the store and I’ll make your beloved pet look like a million dollars.  Of course feel free to leave a generous tip to reflect just how awesome I made your pup look. *grin*

Next week I take time out of my hectic dog grooming schedule and take Devlin into the hospital for a procedure where they will be inserting a feeding tube into his stomach using image guided therapy, a needle and a suture.  I guess if I said that I have mixed feelings regarding this, that would be putting it lightly.  My feelings tend to shift from feeling positive about this, knowing that this procedure will allow Devlin to get all the extra calories he needs, it will be way easier to keep him hydrated and hopefully he’ll begin to put weight on and then in the next heartbeat  I’m ready to collapse into a puddle of mess on the floor.  Weeping and terrified because my baby is going to be in the hospital, he’s going to be sedated or anesthetized and have a HOLE punched into his STOMACH! There are risks of infection, risks of all sorts of terrible things that could happen that I just don’t want to get into and of course there will be a horrible 3 day or more long hospital stay while they ensure that there’s no infection, that his tummy is healed and then they get to figure out the right formula for him.
And all through that I get to stay by his bedside and try to amuse my very cranky curmudgeon of a son. *joy*

Christmas was a hoot.  I loved the time with my kids and New Years was awesome, I spent it with friends and family and had a really good time.

Today I went to Ceilidh’s school and spoke with her careers class about the joys, pitfalls and all the other fun stuff that goes along with being a dog groomer, although the entire time I was speaking to them I kept thinking that I’ve only been doing this grooming thing for a few months, I’ve been a stay at home Mom for much longer than that, shouldn’t I be telling them all the joys and pitfalls that go along with staying at home with your children until you lose all sense of you and start to live just for the little fruit of your womb.
Oh wait, I never had that problem.  Oh well.

I started a Reading Challenge over at Goodreads for 2012 where I will be reading 150 books by year-end.  Of course at this time my Goodreads account is taking much joy at informing me that I am at this point 5 books or 3% behind in my reading challenge.  Of course when you take into account that my first book was actually about 1500 pages long, it should really probably count for at least 2 or 3 books right there.
So my next book that I am dying to read is actually 400 pages long, so before I jump into that I’m catching up with some light reading of books that are only 200 pages long, Tina Fey’s Bossypants for starters, which let me tell you had me laughing out loud in more than a few chapters and I really did enjoy reading it.

Also let me inform you that at this time in my life I am really on the verge of hating all teenagers and their snappish, self-centered way of thinking that the world revolves around them and that if you don’t side them once out of every five times then suddenly you hate them and never take their side on anything.  Oh and lets not forget my personal favorite damning statement from the mouths of teens ‘You’ve ruined my life’ to which I reply with glee ‘Good, then I’m doing something right!’

I also hate video game consuls which may work well in households with a TV in rec room where the kids can hide away while other people can watch TV without fighting over some stupid game that was just released and if they don’t get to play it with their friends they’ll be laughed at by their friends and they’ll be shunned worse than the elephant man. Yup, I hate those stupid games, a lot!


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Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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