Catching Up

Ok, I’m guilty of not only sporadically posting things here, but also of locking all of my recent posts up.  Bad girl! *smacks back of hand*

There really isn’t a whole lot of things going on in my world right now, I’m not working any more, as many of you are already off.  I’m in the midst of something big for my future employment, but I don’t want to jinx it before I get further into it, just let me say that I’m super excited and keeping my fingers crossed that this works out because it’s my dream job and will make me more than happy, I’m sure!

My last public post was about Dev’s feeding tube insertion and let me tell you, it worked out like a charm.  He’s not only got the tube in, he’s also started to sprout like a weed.  He’s jumped from being a size small (or size 5-6) to being a size medium (or size 8-10). I’m really happy that he’s doing awesome. Not so happy that he’s pulled the tube out twice which had us scrambling to insert a smaller catheter tube to keep the insertion open and clear while we rush to the hospital to get a new tube inserted. The nurse has actually suggested that we go with a different type of feeding tube called a button which instead of having a tube of about an inch and a half hanging outside of his body it’s flush with his body and there’s nothing for that boy to grab and yank out and even if he does, this button is the kind that we can just reinsert it ourselves. I say yes to this new tube, no more frantic dashes to the hospital and in a panic leaving all our money and bank cards at home so we have no way to pay for our parking and are thus trapped at the hospital until a wonderful friend, George, dropped by the house, grabbed Chris wallet and ran it down to us.
This man is not a friend, he’s family and it’s things like that make me realize just why it is that I’m glad he’s in our lives. He didn’t flinch.
A few weeks ago, when we were checking Dev into his respite for the weekend he was refused admittance because he had a fever, and our friend was worried and offered to take me and Dev to the hospital because Chris was taking the kids to paintball up at Wasaga beach and he was worried that Dev’s fever might be something serious.  He’s a great guy and I’m glad to have him in our family.

Ceilidh had her 16th birthday and for her Sweet Sixteen my daughter did not want us to rent her a hall, hire a DJ and spent oodles of money on her gown, hair and make-up.  Instead she wanted to invite her best friends to a game of paintball. Yup, for her 16th birthday my daughter fired little gelatin balls filled with a gooey water soluble substance that has got the name ‘paint’ but really isn’t.
Ceilidh even got me to play, and I admit it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be for the past 20 years. That’s how long the Hubby has been trying to get me to play. George always said that if I played he’d light me up like a Christmas tree and I have to say that he wasn’t like that at all. Probably why I had an ok time instead of  a ‘OMG I am never playing that stupid game again’ time.

So speaking of big milestones, Devlin graduated from grade 8 last week and the poor kid is miserable, more miserable than he usually is at the end of the year.  He hates being on vacation.  All his friends are at school, he loves being there.  But this year he’s leaving that school, and he’s leaving his friends, as the graduating class is spreading all across the GTA, going off to different schools.
Devlin is upset about one boy in particular. They haven’t been in the same class for a few years now, but they’ve been on sports teams together, and seen each other during activities and passing each other in the hall.  Devlin and Hakim have been together since they were 4 and in the same classroom at preschool together.  Even during the graduation ceremony they were seated beside each other and just like when they’d been in the classes, they held on tight to each others hand and it made me cry so much to see that and know that they’ll never have this again.  I’ve tried to reach out to Hakim’s family so that the boys can see each other outside of school, but the parents don’t want to help that happen so this is the end of this friendship and I’m so sad for my boy.
I cried so hard at the graduation ceremony, as I watched the kids get their awards (Dev got most sportsmanlike, he was in the schools lunch time leagues for volleyball, hockey, bowling and t-ball) and as I heard the teachers tell us all about these wonderful kids and all that they’ve accomplished in the time they’ve been at the school.
The Occupational Therapist that Dev had in preschool has been working at Dev’s school for a couple of years now and she came up to me at the end of the ceremony and gave me a hug and reminded me how scared and upset I was when Dev graduated from the preschool and how awesome it all worked out and that the school Dev is going to next year is also an awesome school and I just have to have trust that this too shall be a great stage in Devlin’s life.
Of course this made me cry harder, but that’s because I’m an emotional wreck over all of this and I remember that she’s right, I cried more at Dev’s preschool graduation than I did at this one, so perhaps I already knew what she was telling me.

Besides, it’s not the official end at his school yet anyway.  Next week he starts Summer Camp at the school, which means he’ll be there until the end of July anyway.  It just won’t be with all the staff, only some and some education students doing a placement for their schooling.  Devlin loves Summer Camp, so as upset as he is about this last day of school, he’s also excited about the next few weeks too.




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Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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2 Responses to Catching Up

  1. l'empress says:

    I don’t know just what Devlin is capable of, but I will offer our (very) old habit. When my friends and I were separated, we wrote letters. We didn’t have computers yet, and phone calls were extremely expensive. (Not to mention that you had share the phone with all the rest of the family.)

    FYI, you can usually put six sheets of paper into an envelope and not go over the 45 cents price.

    • l’empress I wish it was possible but the parents are not interested in any contact, which means no exchange of addresses. 😦
      I tried everything I could, but when the other family doesn’t want it to happen, it just can’t!

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