Time to Kick Butt

My mind is hazy on the exact time that this happened, it was sometime about 15 to 16 years ago, I wanted to lose weight. I was about 40 lbs overweight, and going through a lot of stress.
Devlin had just been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and because of circumstances and issues, Chris wasn’t around to help out while I juggled Sean and Ceilidh, their schooling and activities, with all of Dev’s tests, Doctor appointments, therapist appointments, blood tests, MRI’s, CATScans and looking after the home and myself.
On top of all of that, my Mother in Law, as long time readers may remember, was driving me insane! We had such a bad fight that we ended up not talking for almost a year. We pretty much didn’t ever see each other, which was quite a feat considering she lived right across the street from us.

While all of this was going on, I had a set of friends who were awesome. They made sure that if I needed something that they’d do what they could to help me out.
One set, a husband and wife, went way beyond for me. They knew I wanted to get into shape, and so they decided to help me out by taking me to the gym pretty much 5 days a week and then drive me home again.
What was really amazing about this, was that the gym was located right in the middle, between our 2 homes. That’s right, they’d drive past the gym, pick me up and then back to the gym. Then they’d drive me home, go back past the gym and on to their own home.
But so much more than that. the husband was like my personal trainer during that time. He gave me tips on diet, he taught me how to use the equipment at the gym and pushed me to do better all the time.
Thanks to them I managed to lose over half of the weight that I wanted to lose at the time. But then I had all these issues with Devlin and ended up with my life being so crazy and hectic, coming home from therapy sessions at 7:00 pm and having to feed the kids because I was dragging them along with us. My life became running around all the time and no time for the gym, and no time to cook even. So fast food became our staple.
It was horrible.

Now, I weigh even more than I did back then. About 30lbs more. It’s horrible. I feel horrible. I have no energy, and clothes don’t fit me well. Not only that but they look horrible on me too.

In August I watched a video of me and I couldn’t believe how large I was in it. I’m always behind the camera when photos and videos are taken, it’s me taking them. So I only see myself in the mirror and I guess I have selective vision, I only see what I want to see and how I see myself is definitely skewed.

So in September I joined a gym, along with Chris, my husband. I joined the same gym that I did 15 years ago. My friend who helped me out so much way back then is still working out there and he is back to helping out. Sharing his knowledge of the machines and techniques, tips on diet and he is also a great motivator.
We joined in September and after a few good sessions there, Chris doing weights while I did cardio on the treadmill so I could get some muscle mass back. After years and years of not ‘using’ my muscles, they were pretty weak and useless. Just using the treadmill left my legs like big puddles of jelly and then I moved to the elliptical, and again it was so taxing on my body.
My goal was that once my muscles were just used to being used all the time, to then join the fellas on the weights. Possibly a few weeks.

But then things went pretty bad. First in September I got a chest infection, and while I tried to work out, it just wasn’t happening. So I took off a few weeks to get over that and just as I was improving, at the beginning of October Dev got sick and was hospitalized. Then just as we were getting over that and I was able to go back to the gym, I got sick and ended up hospitalized.

October is over and done with now and as of last night I have returned to the gym and I’m now dedicated to getting fit and well and into shape. Last night was it, my foot went down and I’m kicking this thing into high gear.
It’s time for me to kick my own ass!


About katastrophes1

Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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