Honey, Not Just for Tea and Sandwiches Anymore


For years I have been touting the advantages of honey. History is filled with folk-lore about the healthful benefits of honey. For centuries people have been using honey as a curative and in our modern world the medical properties of honey have been forgotten and replaced with prescriptions from doctors and the wonderful healing properties of honey have been packed into mass-produced honeyed lozenges from large corporations who use it as a sweetener and would have us believe that it its only purpose.
They lie!

Read more about the magic of honey here.

For years I have kept a good ration of ‘fresh from the farm’ honey as medicinal for my family.  My oldest son, the healthiest member of our family, knows that the moment he gets a scratchy throat or feels slightly under the weather to take a teaspoon of this medicinal honey every day and within a day or two he usually starts to feel right again.
A few years ago, my youngest son was hospitalized and was very ill. He was in the Hospital for Sick Children for just over a week and while we were there I started to feel run down and like I was coming down with something. I asked my family to please bring me my jar of medicinal honey so that I can start to fight off whatever it was that was happening to me.
One of the doctors saw my jar of honey and commented on it, saying that someone had a sweet tooth. When I told her why it was there she smiled and said that the hospital has a special apiary that provides the hospital with raw, unprocessed honey that they use for several functions, but the one used most often is when a child has a breathing tube down their throat removed and they have developed sores along the esophagus, a spoonful of honey a few times a day helps to heal that right up, and the kids love it a lot more than a handful of pills.

I have told that story to most of the people in my life, I use it to provide proof that I am not a whack-a-doo hippy dippy weirdo when I tell them I have medicinal honey in my house.
My own mother always gives me that ‘Kat is a holistic crazy lady‘ when ever she’s under the weather and I tell her to take some honey. “Take some honey” seems to have become my mantra when ever I’m talking to a sick person.

I have tried to share reports that I have come across over the years, showing that not only the holistic, hippy like folks are respecting the healing properties of honey. I heard decades ago about a study being done in which honey was being tested on burn victims, because of its viscous nature, its moistness it would be awesome at keeping bacteria out and limit infection.
I have read the reports that state that honey is antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic. There was a recent study done that actually said that honey may work better for resistant strains of bacteria and viruses since the natural nature of the honey and its high sugar content seems to make the antibiotic nature of honey more able to fight these illnesses off.
I’ve read report after report, shared them with people and always still their eyes glazed over and they treated me like that crazy anti-pharmaceutical lady.

I am not an anti-pharmaceutical lady. I owe my life to the pharmaceutical companies. Many times I have had a serious, life threatening illness that without the modern invention of antibiotics I would most likely have succumbed and would no longer be walking on the face of the earth.
But I am a firm believer in trying everything. Honey is natural, it’s not going to hurt you unless you have an allergy to it. So what is the harm in giving it a try? What have you got to lose? If it works, great. You feel better. If it doesn’t than you just get those prescriptions for a medical professional as you would have any way. There have been times that I have taken both honey and prescription, just to give myself the best chance possible.

This past fall though, I discovered a treasure. A store in my neighbourhood sells raw, unpasteurized,  not processed honey. This stuff is liquid gold. It’s locally produced. And I have begun taking it on a daily basis, to help boost my immune system.
This raw honey is wildflower honey, which I don’t particularly enjoy the flavor of . It has a strong almost perfume like flavour to the honey, from the wild flower nectar I am sure. But I treat this honey as medicinal, and it tastes better than cough syrup, so I just keep reminding myself that whenever I take it. I believe that it is no coincidence that this has been the first winter that I have not been down on a regular basis with some horrible cold or ailment. I take a teaspoon of raw honey every day. When I feel as though I am coming down with something I’ll take it more often.

Still my husband has sort of given me that cold shoulder on joining my raw honey enthusiasm. Until last night.
For the past few weeks my husband has been suffering from a nasty cold, and it has kicked his ass. Finally after me pestering him non-stop about my honey curative he finally caved and told me to fix him a green tea with my honey in it. He had been coughing non stop for days and his muscles were sore from the effort of trying to clear his chest of phlegm.
I immediately gave a little ceremonial fist pump of winning to the sky and quickly heated some water, poured it over a commercial grade green tea bag, added some of my old fresh farm honey as well as my new raw honey to the mix. Within minutes the coughing stopped and he was able to actually fall asleep. Come the morning I got a call to fix him another tea because he was uncontrollably coughing, his muscles were hurting from the effort of coughing and he just couldn’t take it anymore. I once again prepared the tea and served it up to him. He drank and again within minutes his coughing subsided and he fell back to sleep.

He now seems to be jumping onto my raw honey bandwagon with my kids and myself.  It’s a sweet spot to be, less coughing too!


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Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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