The Force Awakens is Ruining my Marriage

To start, I feel compelled to explain that I love Star Wars. I am a huge Star Wars fan, well of the Original Trilogy anyway. The Hope Awakens, The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi. I was a child when those movies were originally released and I slept, ate, and every breath in every waking moment was Star Wars.
I was under the age of 12 when those movies came out, so understandably I was totally hyped by it. Much like my own child was when The Lord of the Rings Trilogy came out, when he was young.
As a child I wore the shirts, I played with the toys and my friends and I even went so far as to re-purpose the hockey sticks that had broken, losing their blades, by transforming them into ‘light sabers’ and then whacking the crap out of each other while recreating the fight scenes and adding our own dialogue such as “Luke I am your father”  “Then why didn’t I ever get a birthday present from you?” and such great child hood banter as “Take that evil vegetable eating Stormtroopers!” Yup. We were full of youthful exuberance for those movies.

Then the Phantom Menace was released and I lined up with the rest of the fans, eager to revisit those glory days of childhood and be filled with wonder and joy at the new tale that was about to unfold.
Sadly I met Jar Jar Binks and a lack lustre story line that left me warm about seeing the next installment The Attack of the Clones and then my disappointment left me with no interest what so ever in seeing The Revenge of the Sith.
The prequel trilogy destroyed my childhood by missing the mark so badly.

Enter 2015 and a new installment of the Star Wars story, the Force Awakens and I perk up because I hear that so much work has gone into recapturing that magic that was the original trilogy. But then the hype begins. I can’t breathe, turn on the TV, listen to normal conversations without some mention of The Force Awakens. The media were the worst culprits.  It seemed like every 5 seconds there was some story about the new movie, the advertising tie ins, the actors, teasers, trailers. I mean when did movie critics find it necessary to review and break down every trailer frame by frame? Repeatedly. Enough.

By the time the Force Awakens hit theatres, I was done. Anytime someone mentioned that movie I wanted to hit them with a frying pan, push mute on the TV or change the channel completely.
So, when my husband and children went to see The Force Awakens in theatres, I did not join them.
Me, the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit Guru. Me, the person that has read so many books and articles on how the original trilogy was made.  I refused to pay money to see that movie.
And now they are coming out on DVD and my husband is telling me that I need to see it, that the movie is pretty good. He is trying his best to gently nudge me into seeing that movie and I recoil whenever he does.   What begins as gentle nudging always ends with us at each others throats because he can’t understand why I react as I do, why I recoil and refuse to watch that movie.
To me the experience of watching that movie will be akin to ingesting excrement. And that is something that, believe it or not, does not appeal to me.
The commercial overdose of The Force Awakens made me turn against it.

So, guess what? Today the trailer for Rogue One debuted, and the morning show I was watching (Breakfast Television) mentioned it almost 5 times within 45 minutes not to mention played their edited version of it at least twice.
This one really interests me. From what I see it looks like it’s the story of how the plans for the death star are stolen and end up in Princess Leia’s hands. The line in The New Hope always intrigued me, even as a child. When all the rebels have gathered for the briefing on the mission to destroy the death star and Mon Mothma says “Many Bothans died to bring us this information” it was always something that stood out to me, because Mon Mothma looks so disturbed and upset when she says it.
Now it seems that Rogue One might be telling their tale, or at least letting us in on what happened around those plans being stolen and it does interest me.
But, if the media play this up and hype it like they did The Force Awakens, by the time this movie comes out in 2017 I may very well feel the need to stay away from this one as well, which will disappoint me to no end

So my plea to the media, please don’t beat this like a dead horse. Let it evolve naturally, allow our excitement to ebb and flow. Allow it to pick up when a new trailer is released, but then allow it to calm down between. Trust me, this movie is going to be popular. People are going to go and see it. You don’t have to plug it. It will happen, so let it do so, naturally, organically. Don’t force it.


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Kat is a 20 something girl stuck in a 40 something body. Mom to 3 kids, tormented and amused by 3 crazy dogs. Amateur photographer, self taught crochet junkie. Thinker of crazy thoughts. Where do they come from? Who knows where thoughts occur, they just happen!
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