About Me

I am the oldest of three children, born at some point in the 1970’s I managed to survive disco (mostly because I was almost oblivious to the phase except for the doodles on my text books that stated most profoundly that “Disco Sucks” even though when one of my teachers asked me just what Disco  was, I responded that I thought it was some sort of head cold and that if it made your nose runny and caused you to cough so it had to be something that really sucked, to which my teacher shook her head and returned to teaching the classroom, and I’m certain that she was thinking of taking up drinking as a recreational hobby and probably not for the first time since meeting me!

The 80’s where a blur to me, where I somehow managed to morph myself from a girl who loved pop music with sugary lyrics and crooning fellows, a girl who loved sunshine and kittens and who dressed in pink and sparkly things into a girl who shunned any color other than black, began to listen to music that had heavy guitar riffs, vocals that could only sound awesome when screeched at the top of ones lungs and which contained the lyrics that would talk about pain, torment, death and decay. Leather jackets, black eyeliner and jeans that were so tight they had to have been painted on were my fashion statements of the day.
During the 80’s I met the most important person in my life, my husband. He’s my soul mate, best friend and lover all stuffed into one package and I don’t know who I’d be or even where I’d be if he hadn’t come along in my life.

The 90’s had me once again morphing the person that I was into an entirely new person, I started off the decade being into Grunge and Punk and by the end of the decade my journey into motherhood had begun and I was now listening to tunes from Sesame Street and Barney and learning to get my rock on while dancing around my living room with tiny midget sized people while singing ‘C is for Cookie’ and ‘Rubber Duckie’ and my ever so hated ‘I love you, You love me’.

The new millennium had me being a parent to school aged kids and my days became about shuffling the kids back and forth between home, school, play dates and what ever extra curricular activity they were currently into.

At some point I think I began to lose a sense of where I ended and my children began and so I would rejoin the work force sporadically, until my family began to fall apart at the seams (the longest stretch was 3 years) and I’d have to quit my job and return home where I would battle to return my family into that well oiled machine.

At the end of the 90’s I gave birth to my youngest son who was diagnosed as having Cerebral Palsy when he was just over a year old.  So while all that other wonderful parenting stuff was happening I was also running my  son to various doctor appointments, meetings with therapists and numerous tests.  To this date all of this is still ongoing and a lot of my life is taken up with my youngest son and the issues and achievements that go along with him.

A few years ago my daughter, my beloved middle child, was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADD. I also discovered not long ago that she is just a smaller version of me in so many ways that it truly is very scary.

Together my family of five live in Ontario Canada, where we cavort and frolic and love each other, even though there are about a million times in a day that at least one of us is ready to chuck the others out the window and entertain the idea of denying that we ever had a family but were in fact raised by a pack of wild sled dogs that sheltered us in a big abandoned igloo made of snow and managed to survive despite the family of polar bears living next door that would creep into our back yard and steal our meat and challenge us to a game of hockey annually.
Or perhaps that’s just what silly people who are not Canadian imagine our lives in Canada would be. Hopefully if you read my blog enough you’ll come to realize that snow is not something that we have to live with year-long, hockey is something that I hate and would abolish from the face of the planet if I had the power to do so (if only) and while we might have once had a Siberian Husky as a pet, we never had any sleds to hook her up to, we live in a house, not an igloo and I’ve never seen a polar bear or eaten caribou meat. *shudder*


2 Responses to About Me

  1. l'empress says:

    I feel kind of dumb asking, but…I NEED YOUR PASSWORD. I know you’re not on here that often, so you may not know about my computer problems. Basically, I lost just about everything. I listed the specific post in my ID below.

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