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Trade Anxiety for Art

I have, for most of my life, suffered from some pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks. The doctors believe that it’s the result of some childhood trauma, some crap that happened when I was a kid that I just can’t … Continue reading

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A couple of days ago my husband tore apart my laptop, he even turned to me when all the components were spread around the room and said ” I may have just fucked up your laptop”. He put it back … Continue reading

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From Bad to Worse

Yesterday was not a good day, not for me studying anyway. I woke up with some not very fun or pretty health issues yesterday and as I result I wasn’t able to be there when my daughter took my son … Continue reading

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Lil Miss Devil

What do you do when you have been working on a picture for 12 hours or so, and the more you work on it, the more you really don’t like it? All I see are the flaws and the more … Continue reading

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Changes in School

Last year, at the end of school, the guidance counselor at my daughter’s school told her that she needed to upgrade her math courses for what she wanted to take in college. My daughter had to take 3 college level math … Continue reading

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Why TV?

My relationship with TV was a normal one up to a certain moment in my life and then it slowly began to change into something, different. As it does when one is a shut in and dealing with social anxiety … Continue reading

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Non Canadians Can’t Vote

Dear Olivia Chow, I think that your recent statement about allowing non Canadian Citizens to vote is nothing short of ridiculous. Yes, an immigrant pays into the tax system, since they have access to our public transit, our school system … Continue reading

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