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Protected: Pain

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I remember as a child, watching my Dad paint and thinking that had to be the most marvelous thing in the world, to have that kind of talent, to create something from a vision in your head for others to … Continue reading

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Save Silvercreek School

When my son was younger he went to Silvercreek School, a preschool that is at this time being considered by the Toronto District School Board for closing, so that they can sell the property. The school board does not own … Continue reading

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The Force Awakens is Ruining my Marriage

To start, I feel compelled to explain that I love Star Wars. I am a huge Star Wars fan, well of the Original Trilogy anyway. The Hope Awakens, The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi. I was … Continue reading

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Washing the Washer

Last night was a relatively normal one, the husband came home from work, we ate dinner we watched Jeopardy, then watched The 100 and then the husband went to bed. I sat with the daughter and watched a few movies, older ones … Continue reading

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Great Start to a New Year

There is nothing better to ring in a new year than sitting around and having a good time and you take a moment to visit the lavatory, and you sit your butt down and everything is going along smoothly and … Continue reading

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Nanowrimo is Done

I’ve been writing, my fingers whirling like a mad dervish across the keyboard, my mind spinning and emptying of all the words that I’ve ever known.  Music flowing from my ear buds had blocked the outside world from my existence. … Continue reading

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