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Standing Still

It’s hard to write anything here for me, mostly because I have nothing noteworthy to write. My life is pretty much in the same place it was 5 years ago, even a decade ago. The only difference is that my … Continue reading

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Trade Anxiety for Art

I have, for most of my life, suffered from some pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks. The doctors believe that it’s the result of some childhood trauma, some crap that happened when I was a kid that I just can’t … Continue reading

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From Bad to Worse

Yesterday was not a good day, not for me studying anyway. I woke up with some not very fun or pretty health issues yesterday and as I result I wasn’t able to be there when my daughter took my son … Continue reading

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Save Silvercreek School

When my son was younger he went to Silvercreek School, a preschool that is at this time being considered by the Toronto District School Board for closing, so that they can sell the property. The school board does not own … Continue reading

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Great Start to a New Year

There is nothing better to ring in a new year than sitting around and having a good time and you take a moment to visit the lavatory, and you sit your butt down and everything is going along smoothly and … Continue reading

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4 Years of Tube Feeding

Four years ago I was heading down to the Hospital for Sick Children to attend a class for parents whose children were about to go through the process of having a big hole stamped into their child’s stomach and a … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning to that thickness and scratchy throat feeling that lets you know that a cold is just a blink away. I shrugged my shoulders, shook the morning fog out of my brain and climbed out of bed … Continue reading

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