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Save Silvercreek School

When my son was younger he went to Silvercreek School, a preschool that is at this time being considered by the Toronto District School Board for closing, so that they can sell the property. The school board does not own … Continue reading

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So this is the first Monday of April in Toronto. Everyone is acting like it’s Snowmageddonpalooza of 2016. It’s an inch of snow. Sure the city geared down it’s snow removal service as of March 31st, and people on the … Continue reading

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Stop Racist Labeling in the Media

Dear Media, You are racist, bigoted, and very ignorant. You like to put on a face of tolerance and acceptance, but I am so sick of everybody applauding your racist ways and praising you for being so PC. I am … Continue reading

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O Captain, My Captain!

There were so many moments in my life when my soul was crushed, when my heart was breaking, and I’d sit down and watch something from Robin Williams and laugh and feel hope again. I’m so sad that he didn’t … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Right to Pray

The Toronto District School Board has come under fire lately for allowing a group of Islamic children to pray in their school cafeteria with their Imam during school hours.   This arrangement was made by teachers and parents when the children … Continue reading

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A Day of Tragic Loss

Twenty-five years ago today, I was sitting in my grade 8 english class, watching the space shuttle take off and wishing that it would just hurry up already so we could get dismissed for lunch because I was hungry and … Continue reading

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Unanswerd Cries for Help

I got this story via the Globe and Mail, but it was all over the news on the day it happened and I’ve been thinking it over ever since.  I’ve been listening to the excuses of the residents of this … Continue reading

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