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From Bad to Worse

Yesterday was not a good day, not for me studying anyway. I woke up with some not very fun or pretty health issues yesterday and as I result I wasn’t able to be there when my daughter took my son … Continue reading

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Save Silvercreek School

When my son was younger he went to Silvercreek School, a preschool that is at this time being considered by the Toronto District School Board for closing, so that they can sell the property. The school board does not own … Continue reading

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Changes in School

Last year, at the end of school, the guidance counselor at my daughter’s school told her that she needed to upgrade her math courses for what she wanted to take in college. My daughter had to take 3 college level math … Continue reading

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Special Needs Reports are as Useless as a Brush for a Bald Man

I just received my son’s report card through the mail. It’s one of those stupid reports that are being filed with the board of education because of the striking actions of the elementary teachers of Ontario. This report is a … Continue reading

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A Life More Normal

This past week, the first week of back to school for my kids, has been one of reacquainting ourselves with routines forgotten about since June.  The kids are starting to remember what it was like to get up before the … Continue reading

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A Year Later

Last year Dev brought home a beautiful purple orchid from school, it was his Mothers Day gift to me.  I loved it. But I have  what I call a brown thumb, because when any plant is left in my care … Continue reading

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Nervous Excitement

In eleven days we will be having a house guest from Germany. Marc is a German Exchange student from Hersbruck, near Neuremburg. He will be here from September 28th to October 9th. In preparation of Marc’s arrival we are sprucing … Continue reading

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