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It’s Still Summer Here

Well it’s September, yesterday was the first day of school and I have to say that this is the most summery September I can remember. For both yesterday and today, we’ve been under a heat warning, with the humidex hovering at a blistering 35 C or higher. This has been one of the hotest, driest summers that I can remember. Everyone I know is so over the summer, they are eagerly awaiting the cooler days of fall, if they ever get here.

I myself am reluctant to yearn for those cooler, crisper days, I know that they are fleeting. Autumn days are gold. Like I read in The Outsiders as a kid, gold is natures hardest hue to hold. The leaves will turn from emerald to their golds and reds and then suddenly they’ll be gone, before you really got that chance to appreciate all that Autumn has to offer, the trees will be skeletal against the sky. The crisp, cool air will turn frosty, our breath will mist in the air and light dustings of frost will cover the ground and car windows in the mornings when we wake up.  What follows after that is just a lot of wind, cold, snow and misery. Winter!
And once we are caught in the vice like grip of winter, everyone who lamented how long the summer was dragging on, will turn their whimsical natures to thoughts of summer, dreams for longer, sun filled days, hanging outside with friends and taking things at an easier pace.

Not me. I’m going to hold onto the summer for as long as I can. I’m going to enjoy it, not bemoan it. I most likely will be one of those who walks around, rubbing my arms, all bundled up in a million different layers in an attempt to ward of the frostbite chill of winter, all the time crying about how it’s just way too cold, and when is summer going to be coming back any way? But all the time I’m complaining, I’ll know that I didn’t kiss off the summer sun prematurely.

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Pretty Little Bird

I was not feeling well today so while I was resting I drew the early bird getting the worm.

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Practice -Bottle

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Don’t Wake the Puppy

My first attempt at sketching a sleeping dog.

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Anxiety Kitten

Some friends were over on the weekend and they fit into a heated debate on a subject that gives me panic attacks just when I think about it on my own, let alone when others say things to bring my deepest darkest fears to the surface, as well as saying things that make me want to irrationally strike out.

It was very hard on me, so I got my sketch book and started to sketch. At first I didn’t know what I was doing. My brain was racing and I was not paying real attention to what my fingers were drawing, then suddenly there was a kitten in front of me, on the paper.

I give you my Anxiety Kitten

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