Dysfunctional Parents Day

There is a Mother’s Day, and there is a Father’s Day. But I think we need a Dysfunctional Parents Day, not to honor the parents that were too obsessed with themselves to care about their kids, abusive or favored one kid over the other(s) to the point that the other kids were neglected either physically or emotionally.

Every Mother’s and Father’s day there is a distinct group of offspring that do not honor those parents and in fact some of them felt horrible that they weren’t. They mourn the relationship with those parents that they so badly wanted. Some have feelings of anger and betrayal rise to the surface as they watch family and friends pay homage to their beloved parents.

So I think we need a day to honor those kids that come from Fucked Up Families, at least if it does nothing else that to make us feel that it’s ok to not call our parents, to kiss their asses and pretend that on these special days they were the parents that we deserved.

A person posted the following excerpt on a Facebook group that I belong to and with their permission I’m reposting it here.

“You are not broken. You are not unlovable. You are not less. You are not your past. You are not what has happened to you. You are not your mistakes or failures. You are not the number on the scale or the size of your jeans or your GPA or any number at all. You are not how often you fall. You are not your mental illness. You are not the words he may have said. You are not tainted. You are not at fault. You have done nothing wrong. You could NOT have stopped what happened.

Most of all, you are not alone!
Something my amazing therapist has said multiple times has stuck with me. She said, “It was your father’s job to love you and protect you and he failed and hurt you instead.”
I believe being loved is a privilege that is earned by parents — not a right. Not loving the man who was not a good to you father does not make you “bad.” Please do not feel like not loving him is your fault.
I want you to know if you are burying your deep hurt, I see you. And I want you to know it is OK to feel all of that today. It is OK to scream in anger until your lungs burn and your voice is raspy. It is OK to feel so sad your chest has a ton of bricks on it and you cry those tears that choke you up and get snot everywhere until your sobs cease and you can breathe again. It is OK to hurt. It is OK to grieve the father you never had.
Here’s a big challenge: I don’t want you to apologize for any of it. Those emotions are valid, deserve to be felt and as “Inside Out” showed us, are perhaps even necessary at times. You have the innate right as a human being to feel and feel fully whatever it is you need to feel. Do not berate yourself.
Please, do whatever you need to let the chaos you may feel escape you in a healthy way. Please, do not contain in that warrior chest of yours such turmoil.
I hope this can be a letter for people who may not be receiving the love they desire from their fathers this Father’s Day. I hope this post can be a hug for those who may not be getting one today. I hope these words can be the kind words you may not be hearing today. I hope this post can be a little love you may feel like you aren’t receiving. I hope this can be whatever it is you are needing most. You deserve these things and so much more. You are worth it.

This Father’s Day, please do what you need.”

I realize that this directed towards father’s but I just switched every part that addressed a father or him with parent or they/them.

Children that have good, strong, loving bonds with their parents always point at those of us that don’t and tell us that we’ll regret not ‘getting over it‘ before they are gone. They don’t mean to, but they are really adding more guilt onto the huge pile that we have.
There’s always the question, why did they get to have parents that loved them and tried to do the best they could for them, and what’s wrong with me that my own parents treated me like crap, or worse.

Every Mother’s day and Father’s Day, we children of Dysfunctional Parents listen and watch as everyone else gushes and loves their parents, and then they turn to us and point their narrow little fingers and tell us that we should just forgive our parents, they are the only ones that we’ll ever have. Children of parents that have passed away look at us with dismay and tell us that one day, when our own parents are gone, we’ll miss them and wish that we’d just gotten over our hurt feelings.
The thing is, they don’t mean harm, and they do think that they are trying to help us, but the biggest part of the picture that they aren’t seeing is that the relationship that they have with their parents is not the same as ours.

We don’t feel the same warm, gushy emotions for our parents when we think of them. For some, even the happy memories are tainted and bring up the emotions of hurt and betrayal because those few times our parents were decent made it possible for the children we were to hope, to think that maybe it would be possible to turn a corner and actually be able to love our parents and be loved in turn.

My own mother always says that I focus my memories around the negative ones and don’t think about the positive ones, and I say of course I do. Those are the most relevant ones, the largest grouping. It’s like a bowl of peanut M&M’s with 1 or 2 chocolate ones tossed in. I’d have to dig through the entire bowl to find those couple of chocolate M&M’s and the truth is the peanut ones will overwhelm me, and digging through them all will cause more pain than if I just see the ones on the surface and forget about hunting for those other ones.
And no, I do not have anything against peanut or chocolate M&Ms, I just focused on that as an example because I’d love to have a big bowl of them right now, but I don’t.
Just like I don’t have parents that give a damn about me, but the thing is, I don’t give a damn about them either. And I think that’s ok.

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13 Days Away and Wow, it’s been Busy.

2 months have passed, and what a busy 2 months it’s been. I mean it’s been super crazy busy, with the packing, signing up for the services and utilities out at the new house, and canceling all the old ones here in Toronto. Packing all our stuff up into little boxes and labeling our entire existence hasn’t been a fun a project, which wasn’t really a surprise. There’s been trips out to buy things the new house needs, like a new washer and dryer, which are at this very moment sitting in the living room of my Toronto home, waiting to go up to the new house today.
Last week, October 30th, we signed the papers and handed over the copious amounts of money to our lawyer and on Monday we had to drive out to the sellers lawyer to hand him 12 post dated checks, which was an adventure in itself, because while we do have a checking account, we do not in fact use checks. So, as of Tuesday November 3rd, 2020 we own this home.
So of course, on Tuesday the sellers contact us to inform us that now that the house is ours, a tree has fallen, well not fallen all the way yet. But, it is in danger of coming down upon our water feature, a lovely little waterfall outside that is just so beautiful and both the youngest and myself have big plans of sitting by that waterfall on a nice summer day, while we eat our lunch.
We’re lucky this couple that have sold us their beautiful home are really great people and they are sending a crew out to deal with the tree for us. They said that they don’t want our first experience owning this home to be dealing with something like this, because it’s a negative experience and they want our first time with the house to be positive. They are amazing people.

Yesterday the two oldest kids went to the house to get the internet set up and drop off a few boxes. It didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, the boy allowed the installer to put the router or hub or whatever you call that thing-a-ma-jig into the basement, using the old tenants hardware, while we wanted the internet set up in the office on the main floor, which makes sense really. The installer figured he had a chance to be lazy when dealing with the kids, he took a chance and it paid off. So, even though he spoke to the Husband over the phone and got his orders, he still went and did what he wanted and screw what the homeowner said.

Today the washer and dryer are being taken to the house, along with our ‘new to us‘ lawn tractor, and whatever else we can squeeze onto the truck will be going along too.   We have 13 days left until the actual move date and I feel like we’re so far behind and that my feet are stuck in quick sand. It’s not enough quick sand to pull me down and make me go under, just enough to impede my forward movement and slow the crap out of me. 
I’m pushing, pushing, pushing myself to get this done, to have every thing I own and love shoved into a box and labeled and ready to be moved from Toronto out to the new house. It’s a hard deadline, there are no days leftover for anything we don’t get done we’ll move later. This is it. End Day. There is no after that. 


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Let the Packing Games Begin

There is so much to do, I’ve been purging my home of the crap that we managed to bring to the new house with us when we moved in here as well as the stuff that we managed to collect over the past two years.
Honestly, how do we manage to accumulate so much crap? It’s like a mission to have more stupid stuff that I’ll never ever use, but dammit that fondue pot that I had to have, is sitting on a shelf because it was on sale and I’ve always liked the idea of sticking food into molten hot cheese.

So, I’ve been tossing stuff into the donation bin, giving to charity all the useless stuff that’s still in good shape but I don’t ever need, if I ever truly did in the first place, is something that is good and feels good when you toss that thing you wanted but never used into the bin. I’ve also been throwing away the stuff that’s not in such good shape, but for some reason my emotions wouldn’t allow me to get rid of it. I mean an entire box of faded school art projects the kids did when they were six years old, ranging up to graduation for the youngest son, is not something that I need to hold onto anymore. I know that I wanted to keep it because it was a way to hold onto the kids as young ones, and as they grew up and needed me less, or for Dev because of the amount of work it took to draw that picture or glue that glitter to a piece of card stock made me all weepy. But, really it was a way to hold onto their childhood just that much longer, but now I’m getting rid of it, because it’s faded and the glue is failing, and really it’s not so much art now as it is scraps of paper.

So this is how I’m spending my time right now. Tossing stuff into donation or trash bins. I haven’t even begun to stick stuff into cardboard boxes to be taped shut and be scrawled on in colour coded markers that signal which room will be their final destination.

I’ve never been good at packing. My ADD always gets the best of me, then there’s the other in my family that also suffer from the ADD and the distraction kills the three of us. The fourth member that packs is just a disorganized, lazy little jerk that doesn’t do stuff unless I walk him through it verbally first.
So, what always happens is a huge push on the day of the move to shove stuff into any box we can, it’s all last minute. I’ve told the family that this can’t happen this time. I’m done with that crap. We have until November 20 to get this seen to and dammit, they better not let me down. I’m pushing myself, and I just feel like I can’t be responsible for the other three grown adults. It’s time for them to step up to the plate and do this stuff themselves.

I’ll have to let you know how that goes, because at this point I’m not seeing a lot of independent packing happening, and it’s kind of freaking me the hell out!

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There’s This New Thing

It’s been a while since I wrote here, things have been happening and they have been pretty big and really there hasn’t been anything that we could think about but this huge thing, but it was something that I couldn’t go public about for fear of jinxing it. So with me not being able to talk about it, and not being able to think of anything but it, I just couldn’t write anything.
But as of today this huge thing is done and I can now go public and talk about it as much as I want. I’ve decided to start a new blog about this new thing, and it’s where I will be sharing all the stuff about this thing.’
Interested in seeing what I’m talking about, you can check out this video or go to my new blog “Tuesday Bears” to see what’s going on.
I’m not leaving this blog for a new one. I’ll be writing in both places from now on.


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Day Whatever In theTime of Covid

Big gap between posts here, but in my defense there really isn’t alot to write about during the covid lock down here in Toronto. We sat at home, venturing forth only when need demanded it. The husband and Older offspring went out for work, except the daughter when She was unemployed for 2 months, but she is back to work now.

Life in lockdown has been about binge watching shows on Various Streaming services. Playing boardgames with family, doing a cleanup of the house where we purge unwanted and unnecessary items, reorganizing the Things we are keeping and making plans to decorate and taking those Steps.

Planning of a family vacation has been going on, but scrier we have medically comprimised family members, this vacation will not be happening until 2020 or 23. Also because this vacation will be one in which we will be entering the Urouted States of America and the way things are going there, I’m not sure how long it will be before they can fight covid and get back to normal.

It’s a dumpster fire down there. 150,00 Americans dead. 50,000 + new cases yesterday alone. Here in Canada we locked down in March, With many pointing fingers towards the USA and complaining that if that scientifically advanced country is denying the severity of Covid, why should we stay home, socially distance ourselves, cancel Easter and Mother’s Day celebration and even now wear a mask when our Big Obnoxious brother to the South refuses to even except that this is serious.

That was in March, fast forward to the beginning of July, resturaunts are serving on the patio, with hopes of fully reopening in the next month. Malls are opening, life feels like it’s slowly creeping back tocwards normal.

Meanwhile south of us, they did nothing in March, refused the science of social distancing and their president worried more about the stock exchange and his rich cronies then the Thousands of Americans that are unemployed and without access to good healthcare. He watches his popularity polls rather than the numbers of the dead and sick. He fans the flames of the racial inequality bonfire that threatens to leave the once great country as ash, he defends statues of dead traitors to the very country he’s sworn to serve, while he does nothing to protect soldiers with Russian bounties on their heads. He threatens to allow the military budget pass as long as renaming bases named after dead heroes of the traitorous Confederacy is a possibility. The president user gas on a peaceful protest infront of a church So he could pose in front of that church, and not say one word toa diseased populace that are demanding an end to the authoritative, brutality towards a populace that have been marginalized and abused serice their shackles were cast off for a freedom that never truly allowed them a true equality and a feeling of safety that should have come with their removal from slavery.

I fear for the United States of America under the Presidency of Donald Trump. I fear the election in November. I fear his reelection more than I can even explain.

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Day 100 of Living in the Time of Covid

So much has happened since I last wrote. George Floyd died by a police officer kneeling on his neck for 8 minutes until he was dead, with Floyd begging him not to kill him, crying out for his Mom and not resisting at all. All was caught on video.
This has highlighted the fact the racism that runs rampant throughout the US. People of Color are fed up, and well they should be. I myself have never understood why you would dislike someone based upon the color of their skin, when there are so many other, more viable reasons, like the fact that they are an asshole, that they are in fact racist and bigoted and also that they don’t absolutely love Firefly, and thus hate Fox for more than just their lying, misguided attempts at spreading Trumps propaganda.

The covid numbers here in Canada, and in Ontario where I live, are down, so much so that we are slowly opening up our businesses again and life can return to some semblance of normalcy with social distancing and the wearing of face masks being crucial to not having to close down again.
Meanwhile in the US their pumpkin headed leader is ignoring the science of Covid and fighting with democrat states that aren’t in agreement with him that social distancing and closing down are the way to go. He’s not only not trying to fight the spread of covid, he’s holding a rally with hundreds of thousands of his followers in Tulsa which is in the midst of a spike of covid cases, and these Trumpsters are there without masks, bring possible infections to the rally, and spreading it among those at the OK convention center, who will then spread out across the country as they return to their homes and spread it all across the land.
It’s horrible and terrifying  that a leader of a super power country would be so backward.
My theory is that he wants covid to spread, that he wants America to be weakened, her citizens to be weakened.
In the midst of all this he’s ignoring the protestors out there screaming for racial equality, he’s calling racial supremacists ‘good fellows’, he’s trying to run adds ripping liberals and left minded activists using Nazi symbols for communist and political activists that were marked to go to the concentration camps.
I said back in 2016 that I felt that Trump was trying to take America down, perhaps for another power, Russia or now perhaps China, to swoop in and help him become dictator in chief, nothing that has happened recently has made me stop thinking that, the opposite actually. He’s trying to call in the army to stop protests, he’s using tear gas (a chemical weapon banned by the Geneva convention, meaning that he can’t use it on the enemies of the state but he can on his own citizens) so that the Pumpkin head could walk across Lafayette Square for a photo op of him holding a bible in front of a church. He spoke no words to the people of the land to try and convey hope, to ease the rage of the protestors, instead he threatened them with more national guard, armed patrols of men who wore no recognizable markings of any police or military force, and even the army. He called governors who were working with the protestors weak and even called upon them to use more force against them.
Which videos of police doing just that are still coming out of being brutal against the very people they are sworn to protect. Shoving 75 year old men to the ground, shooting men in the back, spraying media correspondents with pepper spray and lying about their actions even though they have been caught on video.
Covid, race wars, a president who makes me believe that even if he is voted out of his position as President of America, he will not give it up but will surround himself with armed guards and militia supporters that will help him to hold his position and defy the voice of the people, that’s if he’s voted out. I know the polls say he’s falling, and that Biden is in the lead, but I remember back in 2016 when the polls and pretty much any one that had a public voice said that there was no way that laughing stock could get elected, and yet here we are in 2020 with the world in flames and he’s standing by pouring more gas on the fire.

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Day 72 in the Time of Covid

Club Quarantine last night.  We played Villainous, again. It’s the go to game for us right now. Husband got it from the son and his girlfriend for Christmas, but we didn’t get a chance to play it until a couple of weeks ago, I think it was on May 9th, my birthday weekend. We have played it every weekend since, and a couple weekdays too. The husband and son ran out and bought all the expansions available, so we now have 15 different villains to choose from each time we play, or we could actually play with a group of 15 and have a really evil time.

Husband did not drink last night, he was tired and sore and just didn’t feel like it. But the daughter and I both enjoyed a chocolate Mudshake, which we only had because Husband drove aroung to different LCBO’s to search them out. Seems that they are in short supply during the Time of Covid.
The son went and bought some Mike’s hard product, I think it’s vodka, lemon and sparkling water. Nobody enjoyed it.  So there’s 5 cans that aren’t going to get drunk., but luckily the son also grabbed a bottle of Rosé for his girl too.

Folks out at Trinity Bellwoods park yesterday did not social distance, and the Mayor had to come out and tell everyone to keep their distance, with an underlying threat of closing the parks if it continued, certainly the by-law officers will be out in full today. The Mayor said that Toronto’s numbers aren’t going down, and the time for social distancing is not over, even though the warmer weather is here, making us want to be out in the sunshine. As Canadians that is going to be the hardest thing. I mean we only get sunshine like this for a short period of time, and then it’s back to the cold, bleakness of winter. Canadians live all year long for this period of sunshine, blue skies and being out in the great outdoors.

We got our dinner last night from the neighbourhood Fox and Fiddle. We DID NOT use Skip the Dishes or Uber eats. Those apps charge the restaurants 30% of the cost of each order, when restaurants usually only mark up 5% or so on each meal. That means that any person that uses those apps is actually making restaurants hurt more. Plus those apps charge their users too, so they are double dipping for payment and coming out, not just with a bit of profit but with a whole large sum. So we pick up the meals from now on.
We met the owner of the restaurant, and had a chat. He’s hurting and looking forward to phase 2 of opening, when the patios can open for restaurants and bars, so at least he can can open up a bit and serve customers again. It was so depressing, standing in that eatery, only he and the Husband and myself, and I think there was only 1 or maybe 2 staff working in the kitchen. No lights were on inside the establishment, and the AC was off in the dine in area.  The Husband has told me that at least 3 or 4 restaurants on his garbage collection routes have closed down, permanently.  They cancelled their service. This is just a horrible time for the hospitality industry. It makes SARS back in 2003 look like a minor hiccup, and Toronto got a benefit back then with the Rolling Stones and AC/DC. But this time it’s the whole world, so no benefit is going to be rolling out to help this time.

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Day 69 of Living in Covid Isolation

So much time has passed since I lay posted, while almost everything has been the same, there are some things that have been happening that while nothing new is really happening, it’s been keeping my brain busy.

Phone appointments for my youngest,  it’s how we met with his transition team,  from child services to adult. Social workers,  nurses,  OT, PT and communication therapists, all of them meeting by phone with me to discuss any referrals Dev will need to get into clinics that will help him in his adult life.

In my immediate future there will be phone calls, filing out paperwork and I’m sure I’ll be sitting on hold, a lot.

On top of the busy special needs aspect of my vivid confinement, there are also other projects underway. Two years ago, when we moved into this place, we did not paint or decorate, we’re felt we were in transition, not staying past the year long lease. Basically, when Devlin graduated, we were planning on getting further out of the city. But, add we lived here we realized how nice the neighborhood is, we’re love the house, and sho we are now planning on being here until we are not.

Sho we are choosing color, patterns, styles and new light fixtures. My daughter and I are planning the mood and aesthetic of each room. My husband and my son, the oldest child, ate not caring and perhaps are even put out by the constant questions and desire for their input. Do they like this color, this light, what about this wallpaper? Curtains, blankets and carpets are in no way something they want to be thinking about, let alone discussing with me during every waking moment that they ate within earshot. Oh well, I’m not stopping. This easy when they complain with one of my choices, I can tell them too bad. I tried to include them in the process, they refused.

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Day 53 of Living in Covid Isolation Cinco de Mayo Edition

Happy Cinco de Mayo on  Taco Tuesday!  Tonights dinner, tacos of course, and my own personal concoction of fiesta rice. I just threw stuff that I had around the kitchen into the pot and simmered it up, and voila a tasty treat that the entire family enjoyed, which is a rare thing when it comes to rice. Husband avoids rice, since his gastric bypass, it’s jut not his friend but today he nibbled a bit and proclaimed it to be delicious. It’s silly but I feel validated, proud of my little tasty experiment.
Of course now you’re sitting there, scratching your head and wondering what I put into my rice?

Kat’s Fiesta Rice has sauted onions and garlic, when they are soft and beginning to brown, I tossed in some finely chopped green chilis (from the can) and a chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, again from a can and finely chopped. While the onion and garlic were cooking I mixed together a small can of tomato sauce and chicken stock, mixing in my home made taco seasoning. Once the onions and peppers were mixed together I added in the tomato and chicken stock and when that came to a bubbling simmer, I added the rice. Ok, at this point I did a bit of a cheat, and used minute rice. But only because I was trying to get this cooked up for the hubby and son to eat before they had to go to work, so it was only 5 minutes before it was all set and ready to eat. And eat my family did.
And all were happy again, well until the husband and son had to leave for work anyway.

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Day 47 of Living in Covid Isolation

Yesterday was such a frustrating day for me. Three encounters with people that are not aware. Not paying attention to something that is going on in this world that is, at this point in time one of the most important things happening in our time.

Covid. It’s everywhere.  It’s on the 24 hour news cycle, that or the economy, or unemployment, which are covid adjacent story, since the reason that the economy and unemployment are in the state they are in due to covid. I’m not sure about everyone else, I mean I can’t speak for every person on the entire planet, but in my experience, every single conversation has at least a little bit of covid talk in there, it either dominates the entire conversation or it pops up in there somewhere.
Everyone has an opinion on how this should be handled and who is doing a good job at it.
So, running into three separate people who are just not paying attention to the biggest thing in our time is just plain frustrating.

Person Number One
P#1 was encountered while walking the dogs. His dog and my Tiny Dog were checking each other out, sniffing and doing a tiny bit of play at the end of their long leashes while he and I spoke loudly across the dogs and the distance. P#1 made the statement of ‘Why can’t they let us go back to work, it’s only the elderly and those that already have conditions, illness that have to worry about this, they’re the only ones that can get this, or at least die from it”. I was dismayed. I’d spoken to this man and his wife multiple times since they moved into our complex about a year and a bit ago.
“No, healthy people are getting this.” I told him. “It’s a horrible, invasive disease that not only affects the respiratory system, it also affects the the lungs and and weakens the person. I know someone who had a friend die from this.”
She wasn’t elderly, she had no underlying condition. At the time of infection she was a healthy 30 something year old, with a wedding to plan, children to have, a career to be promoted at and one day, grandchildren to bounce upon her knee. A life to live.
She tested positive for Covid, was admitted to the hospital and after being on a respirator she got better. She tested negative for covid and was sent home. A few days later she was admitted back into the hospital, her heart was failing. The covid virus had damaged her lungs and her heart and within a week she was gone. Taken too soon by this damn pandemic. P#1 was surprised. I told him that I could go on with more and more people, the point is, it’s not only the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions that are in danger of this disease.

Person Number Two
P#2 was on the internet, over social media. He was calling for the children to return to school. P#2 was extremely mad at our Premier and the ‘crappy‘ job that he was doing because he wasn’t opening business, parks and schools up again. P#2 was upset that at least the schools could be open again, since children are in no way in danger from covid.
So, me being stupid, I engaged the idiocy on social media and explained that children can in fact get this, and that they seem to have a symptom that is rare in adults but more pronounced in children.
Lesions on their feet and hands, it can look like frostbite but be hot to the touch and from what I’ve read, very painful. I explained this to P#2 and his response was one that probably supposed to inflame me, get me to engage in some kind of discourse that feeds into whatever it is that trolls on the internet get out of causing these sorts of disputes.
P#2 claimed that this is no worse than having a cold, the regular flue or other nasties and that you don’t shut down the schools for that.
I told him that children to get Covid and that they have a symptom that is rare in adults, painful lesions on their feet and hands. They can look like the effects of frost bite, but they are hot to the touch.

These aren’t the worst pictures of the lesions from covid on feet. There are worse ones out there, if you care to look for them.

There is more misinformation that he began spouting, stuff he gleaned off of the internet from doctors who are not specialists, who are not from the field of contagious diseases, who are out there spreading their little bit of snake oil to the masses to make them feel safer and that that can reopen the world.
He claimed that no more people die from Covid than die from the flu each year. So all these deaths that just keep rattling up in number, those are either inflated or the flu numbers are being kept hidden from us, each year they keep the flu numbers hidden from us, decades of states, lied about and hidden away because I have never, not once heard of any number of deaths related to the flu that are anywhere near as close to what is happening right now, in the world.

Person Number Three
is someone that called me last night and her ignorance at how covid affects the body, how it’s spread is just remarkable. I know that this person likes to give the image of her being educated and well informed. This person is glued to the TV, watching all the briefings from the Prime Minister, the Premier, the health ministers and anybody else that talks about covid in front of the cameras of the media. She also reads her daily newspaper.
Sadly, somehow she is ignorant of how covid works. I had to sit there on the phone explained over and over again how covid actually works.
No, it’s not the flu, it’s more virulent. If you go to work with the flu the person in the next cubicle and all your co-workers don’t come down with it. Not always. And yet this virus spreads like flies are attracted to shit. It attacks the respiratory system. The flu doesn’t make you have to be admitted to the hospital and put on a respirator.
But my son got h1n1 years ago, he was admitted to the hospital and put on a respirator. No. My son did get h1n1 years ago. He was admitted to the hospital. A mas with oxygen pumping into his face is not a respirator. And he has asthma, so yeah his oxygen stats got low.
She is saying that we’ll be open again in a matter of weeks, the premiere said so. No. The premiere said that once the numbers got under control, once they stopped climbing and the numbers of new cases were diminishing, they’ll slowly begin to open things up in a multiple stage process. That does not mean that we’ll be open again in 12 weeks, it means that once we meet the criteria for opening up again, we’ll maybe be open again in 12 weeks. Maybe. There are no guarantees.
But he said it, and he hasn’t lied yet in all of this. I’m not saying he’s lying. I’m saying that what you think he said, he did not in fact say that.
I told her to go look up info for herself. She refuses. She acts like if she even thinks about using any form of technology to access the internet she’ll get covid or go to hell, not that she believes in god, it’s just that she’s adamant that she doesn’t need to use the internet or technology. It’s not that she’s a Luddite, it’s that she blames a computer and the internet for the ending of her marriage so P#3 acts like the internet has it in for her, and cannot in fact be trusted.

So, yesterday feels like I spent most of yesterday dealing with people who will not see, will not hear and will not care. They want to keep their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge that the very thing that they want to happen, reopen everything up again, will in fact start us back at day one, locked down, people being unemployed, financial ruin and the thing that seems to be the worst to everyone in all of this, an inability to have their vanity served (hair and nail salons, estheticians and gyms), and the most horrible side effect of being in social distancing and self isolation, boredom.
They fail to realize that if we try to return to our normal lives too soon, all of this will have been for nothing because we’ll have to start over again, day one of lock down.
Lets stay home until the numbers are down. Lets stay home so that this doesn’t start all over again because I for one would like to have a Christmas and New Year where we can toast and say “Thank god 2020 is over and hopefully the time of covid is behind us”.


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